dashboard Xbox One video

By | 11.12.2018

Dashboard Xbox One video

Приборная панель Xbox One на видео

Wait for the new game consoles is not long, and we already know almost all aspects of the Xbox One from Microsoft. Now, however, you can see the menu of this console.

Microsoft gave only hints regarding the new dashboard, but thanks to Jackson Carter, who published a two-minute video, you can see it in full splendor. Video can not be called quality (perhaps affected by the shooting skills of the author), but it’s enough for the first serious glance at the Xbox One.

The console in the video is part of a beta testing program that is conducted by the software giant. Carter notes that the console has quite a lot of mistakes, but in the testing phase is quite normal. Don’t forget that Microsoft is still two whole months to test and optimize.

The interface consists of multiple tiles of different sizes. Games, movies and TV, music and applications are all located in separate sections, and Skype, Internet Explorer and Xbox Music are in the section of the Pin, which in turn is close to section Home.

Xbox One allows for six accounts, and a new instrument panel supports up to 1,000 friends. Xbox One users will be able to control other appliances in the room (TV, amplifier, etc) – with built-in infrared technology.

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