creating the e-mail on the computer

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Create an e-mail on the computer

Many search engines and Internet services offer to create a free mailbox, each of which provides its exceptional qualities, but not all can match with e-mail from Yandex.

Yandex mail provides unlimited storage space for emails, various system protection from viruses and malwares, and has an intelligent spam protection and allows you to access email from almost all of the devices connected to the Internet.

Create a mailbox

In our time to have a mailbox will be able even a novice. Now many online services offer to create the e-mail for free, and the user must come up with a unique email address and a complex password. The most popular email services are Google, Microsoft and

Создание электронной почты на компьютере

Each of these mail services provides access via the web interface in any browser and email clients. As you know, all of the above companies offer search services, provide access to other its services. Therefore, registering for a free mailbox, you can access all the other services of these companies.

How to create e-mail on Yandex

The first step to check mail in Yandex will create a username and password. Creating login need to take responsibility as it needs to be simple and easy to read. After registration, the username can’t be changed and he will forever be attached to your email address. For example, if your username is spelled “login” then your mailing address will look like this “”.

To create the password should also be treated very seriously, otherwise the mailbox could be hacked by fraudsters.

In order to avoid such situation, you should come up with complicated passwords and not have to worry about tampering with the mail, which should take into account the length of at least 15 characters long and consist of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and contain various special characters.

Complex passwords are pretty hard to remember, so storage has developed a special program, where one of them is “KeePass Password Safe”. In addition to storing passwords in the program provides their generator that allows you to quickly create difficult password.

Создание электронной почты на компьютере

Registration step 1

Once you have come up with a username and password, please proceed to the immediate establishment of an electronic mailbox.

  1. To do this, you should go to the web address and click on the “open mailbox”, and then you will be redirected to the registration page mail.

Создание электронной почты на компьютере

  1. On the registration page you must enter your first and last name, and you have created a username and password. Also note on the ”security question” and the data that you have filled, you need to remember, they can come in handy if you forget your password. After all of the entered information, click “Register”.

Registration step 2

After registration you get to the main web interface mailbox where there will be a further set up your account in the “ Quick configure” and there you can incrementally customize your Inbox.

  1. The first step will be to configure tags that will allow you to group your contacts coloured.

Создание электронной почты на компьютере

  1. The second step allows you to connect to your mailbox and other accounts. This is done in order for you to receive letters, for example, from in your Yandex Inbox.

Создание электронной почты на компьютере

  1. The third step allows you to specify additional information about yourself, and also will allow you to choose the domain zone and upload a photo.

Создание электронной почты на компьютере

  1. The fourth step final, which informs you that the initial mail configuration is complete. Click finish to “Finish”, you will be able to use email through a web interface.

Создание электронной почты на компьютере

Mail setup

Going to the setup email you will see the following items:

  • information about the sender;
  • collecting my mail;
  • folders and labels;
  • email filters and rules;
  • security;
  • postage programme;

    other parameters.

The first three points you can feel free to skip, because their setting was carried out at the initial stage in the “ Quick setup e-mail”. The item “Rules for processing mail” will allow you to configure black and white list of contacts.

For example, if you get a lot of spam from certain IP addresses you can add them to the “Black list” and their letters never end in your Inbox. The white list is used to ensure that all letters sent by your colleagues and friends, do not fall into the spam folder.

The issue of “Security” will give you the opportunity to replace the old password with the new one. In addition, you can specify additional e-mail addresses and your phone to restore access in the event of a hacking box. A log of visits makes it possible to track which IP address you came in the mail.

The item “email program” allows you to configure the Protocol through which your program will be to collect the mail. Yandex mail can use POP and IMAP is more modern, which is the default.

The item “other options” customize user interface of the web mail and editing, as well as sending emails.

Video: creating mail

The collection of letters on the computer using The Bat

If you use email for General correspondence with friends and relatives, or to login to some service, for these purposes, you will only need a browser. But when you use the Inbox for a large firm and daily treated hundreds of letters, it is indispensable for you assistant will be the mail client installed on your PC, where the most popular is The Bat!

Among the competitors it allocates increased security, speed, support for all Windows operating systems. Thanks to these qualities, the programme is increasingly used in enterprise environments where security and speed is in the foreground.

The Bat! – is a separate product, able to set work not only with email service providers email service, but with Microsoft Exchange servers, which is extremely important in the business environment. The program covers an unlimited number of email boxes, by processing and storage of letters of enormous proportions, provided with means for automatically sorting and filtering messages.

In addition, the use of IMAP4, POP3, SMTP and provides secure communication with mail servers and supports cryptographic protocols SSL and TLS different versions to communicate with the client all e-mail services that use encryption of network traffic.

Installation and configuration

To install the program on your PC should download the client by going to the download page. After you download the client, run, and click Next.

Создание электронной почты на компьютере

Then accept the license agreement and click “Next”.

Создание электронной почты на компьютере

You will then be given the choice of installing “Full” or “selective”, and on the full installation installs all components of the program, and when you selectively only those that you specify, and then click Next.

Создание электронной почты на компьютере

Clicking, a window will appear that informs you that the program is ready to install. Click “Install” and wait until the end.

Создание электронной почты на компьютере

After installation, run the program. A window will appear create a new mailbox.

Создание электронной почты на компьютере

Enter the data of your mail box and click “OK”. You will then be taken to the main menu of the program and will be able to use email on the computer.

Создание электронной почты на компьютере


The user who is used to work with mail in the web interface, The Bat may seem like a complicated program, but it is not because to create and to participate in letters just like in the mail from a browser. To create a new message, you just need to go to the tab “mail” and click “Create”. Then a new window will open in which you will be able to edit his letter.

Создание электронной почты на компьютере

Unlike web-based email editing emails in The Bat quite advanced. You can format the text, check the text for spelling and encrypt emails using S/MIME, PGP, and OpenPGP.

To incoming emails as easily as sending, it is enough to open the program and go to the Inbox. The software also has advanced security system from viruses and various spyware. The Bat may check in graphic files, and executable for viruses. And if you have received an email with a malicious file, the client will issue a warning.

If you use The Bat at work and your PC have access to other employees, you can protect it using a password to access the personal mailbox. To do this, go to the tab “Box” and click “Password for access to the box”

Создание электронной почты на компьютере

One of the benefits of such a program is the use of the OAB. It gives extra security, since many formats have been subjected to various attacks that involve data theft. The book also compatible with many modern formats, allowing you to store not only the email data.

Through the use of plugins, providing additional protection for the addresses that can be created by developers, The Bat has gained more popularity in the corporate environment.

To summarize, we can say that the email Inbox is your indispensable assistant, which helps people to communicate, both at home and at work. As you can see from the article, to create e-mail can even the most novice user. Use nowadays e-mail is very important, because this type of transfer is one of the basic in the Internet world.

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