Create folders for apps and settings using App Folder for Nokia Lumia smartphones with Windows Phone 8

By | 10.12.2018

Create folders for apps and settings using App Folder for Nokia Lumia smartphones with Windows Phone 8

«How to create folders for apps?» – this is a question that is often asked by new users of Windows Phone, especially if they moved from the mill iOS or Android. With the idea of a Windows Phone interface, folder lose some of its importance, but many users wouldn’t mind an additional way of organizing their apps as they want.

On unlocked devices with WP7 folder can be accessed using a homebrew app Folders, but on WP8 like, until recently, was absent, but Nokia seems to finally have taken note of the high demand for this feature, and decided to release their own branded app that solves the problem of the lack of folders on the platform.

App Folder is an app released exclusively for Lumia smartphones, which allows you to create folders in Windows Phone 8. With this app you can keep app shortcuts and settings inside the folders can be named at your discretion.

On the main application page has a » + » icon, which is used to start creating new folders.

Создавайте папки для приложений и настроек через App Folder для смартфонов Nokia Lumia с Windows Phone 8

When you create a folder, the first thing you need to do is think of a name. App Folder allows you to create unlimited number of folders and place them as shortcuts, and shortcuts to phone settings. You just need to go through the list of all your existing applications and settings, and mark the ones you want to put in a folder. To search apps in the list were easier App Folder comes with a search function. In addition, you can sort the apps by date installed or alphabetically – again, it is necessary to simplify the search for applications and settings you want to add to the folder.

After all the labels will be added to the folder, you can reorder them by dragging them on the editing screen. After this it remains only to click on the pin icon at the bottom of the interface.

Tile folders created in the App Folder can be three sizes. In addition, the tile of each folder displays the icons of the applications contained in it, but it would be even better if they were displayed and notifications from apps.

In General, the App Folder is a good solution which will surely add convenience to your Nokia Lumia smartphone. This is a free app and you can download it by clicking the link below.

the app Folder

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