Create and open disk image file ISO

By | 10.12.2018

Creating and opening the disk image file ISO

The progress covers all areas of technology, technology is constantly changing and improving. As a result, optical media is almost not used. But the file with the ISO extension, called images, are becoming increasingly popular.

The secret is that they contain a full copy of the structure of the file system. And this, in turn, gives great advantages in the transfer and duplication of information, and is also used for obtaining exact copies.

What it is

Unlike a regular copy, not able to move system data, the image completely duplicates the structure of the file system from physical media by repeating exactly the data structure and information about them.

Создание и открытие файла образа диска ISO

The main goals of creating iso format and use in everyday life are:

  • create a backup of the CD was the original idea of creating the image;
  • backup. The ability to complete the duplication given the opportunity to recover the lost data or system partitions in a moment;
  • often used to store virtual machines and disks (mainly for installation on multiple PC operating systems). Such images are also called virtual;
  • anyone who took other Windows operating system to reinstall, I could see that the recording is made on a simple DVD, despite the fact that it is an installation and multi-boot. Often the iso format is just used for such purposes: software distribution, or copying of games and movies;
  • those who had the opportunity to engage with service and technical support of equipment, you know that most custom computers are assembled in one configuration up to the monitors and mice. In this area an exact copy of the system with pre-installed drivers and the basic set of programs essential for business.

Work with the format

As a rule, disk / partition image is in the iso format, although occasionally can meet and others. Other file extensions are often specialized and are used to open or write only through one of the programs that they created.Создание и открытие файла образа диска ISO

While iso you can open any program that works with images, or view the contents using one of the popular archivers such as Winzip, Winrar. But in order to clone a drive, you need to use special software.


The process of recording any data on physical media by using software or the standard Windows tools is called the burn. In order to transfer a disk image to another user, you need to decide what to burn the iso to a CD or DVD.Создание и открытие файла образа диска ISO

Operating systems from Microsoft without the use of additional software possibility to work with formats like iso appeared not so long ago:

  • Windows XP – there is the possibility of burn ordinary data;
  • Windows 7 have the option of recording;
  • Windows 8 is the ability to mount iso disk and work with it as with the physical.

In spite of this support to new operating systems easier to use additional programs as a means for burning, for example, UltraISO or Nero.

Video: Open disk image

The creation and copying

Copy exact copy of your disk to physical media, and in the further burning of its copies is called cloning. Server file sharing and torrents are filled with images of various drives with programs, games and operating systems, providing the opportunity to download them.

But if you need to create an exact copy in order to clone anything from a physical media, you must use one of the programs:

  • UltraISO – the most popular program for burning and creating iso with the ability to edit images and write them to a USB flash drive;

    Создание и открытие файла образа диска ISO

  • Daemon Tools is basically designed to mount the virtual disk and work with it as with the physical. Also has the function of creating the image from the media.

Consider the example of Daemon Tools.

In order to begin creating a virtual clone for optical or physical (partition or USB flash drive) media, you must follow a few simple steps:

  • connect the required carrier (insert the disc or USB flash drive if you want to create a copy);
  • open the program Daemon Tools;
  • to start creating, just go to the main menu and select «Create image»;

    Создание и открытие файла образа диска ISO

  • you can not change any settings, most importantly – make sure in the menu «transmission» is indicated to the device from which you are going to make a copy;

    Создание и открытие файла образа диска ISO

  • do not forget to specify the name and path to save in the «Output image file»;
  • hit the start button.
  • after the operation is completed you will receive a message from the program and will be able to see the finished file with the selected extension iso, mdx, mdf.

    Создание и открытие файла образа диска ISO

Mountable image

Let’s see, what to do with downloaded or created iso file. To see the entire structure of the disc should mount image with the aid of software, then your computer will assume a virtual drive the real device.

If the version of your operating system, below eighth, you will need to use one of the programs for reading images. The most convenient and easy to understand is Daemon Tools.

Создание и открытие файла образа диска ISO

When you run the software will suggest to mount one or more disks of your choice. Also the program will try to find all images that are stored on your computer. If she can’t do it, or you mount with the stick, you can always specify the path.

If you still don’t know how many virtual drives you need not worry. You can always replace one image with another, or to connect another one.

Создание и открытие файла образа диска ISO

To do this, click on the icon in the system tray (near the clock), right-click and select the menu item called Mount image (in the Russian version — mount).

What program opens iso

This format is very popular, and to work with it provides a large list of software from different developers. Can be divided into three types according to the purpose.

Let’s consider the best program opens iso:

  • Designed for creating and mounting the images and also editing them:
  1. UltraIso;
  2. Daemon Tools;
  3. Magic Disc;
  4. Virtual Clone Drive;
  5. Gizmo Drive.
  • Designed mainly for recording data on optical disks, including images:
  1. Nero Burning Rom;

    Создание и открытие файла образа диска ISO

  2. Ashampoo Burning Studio.
  3. CDburner;
  4. ImgBurn.
  • Programs for archiving (working with files of this type do not relate to the core functions, but to view the data and get the necessary information option is available):
  1. Winrar;
  2. Winzip;
  3. 7z.

To view the contents and copy it, you can also use Total Commander. Each of these programs-its good and works with a large number of formats. But two of them I would like to especially highlight as the most convenient and practical.


When choosing software to work with iso files, you need to pay attention to the simplicity and ease of use.

However, another important factor is the number of useful options, and in quite a lot of UltraISO:

  • create exact copies of optical and flash drives and entire hard disks and their partitions (50 GB), disks (up to 2 GB);
  • opening ISO files;
  • editing, adding, deleting, creating folders and files;
  • the possibility of using different levels of ISO 9660 and Joliet;
  • improvement and work with file structure;
  • the creation of various installation boot disk with any operating system, and edit their parameters;
  • the ability to extract the boot-sector.

Daemon tools

The DAEMON Tools are designed more to open and manage virtual drives in the system.

For ease and speed of mounting and unmounting disks can safely be put in the first place. You can create up to four drives and to manage the replacement with a single button.

Among the advantages of this program compared to others, I want to highlight:

  • automatic search of images on the computer;
  • connection at system boot;
  • you can create four disk, indistinguishable from the real;
  • the program is able to work with those formats that normal DVD-Rom will not read, for example, PlayStation, X-BOX, GameCube.

To work with the virtual drive backups are much faster and more convenient than physical media, and here’s why:

  1. their storage does not occupy physical space, and their number is limited only by the size of your hard drive;
  2. among the advantages, it is also worth noting that the images are easily updated or replaced with new versions, especially operating systems, drivers, game patches;

    Создание и открытие файла образа диска ISO

  3. also, they are not subject to physical effects (this is the only type of disk that can’t be scratched), and hence is a more reliable way to store backups and system data.

Choosing software for working with disk images, please note the following programs on your computer like UltraISO and DAEMON Tools. Thanks to their functionality, quality of work and high speed of data processing, they are the best among peers.

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