Cortana will be integrated into the Cyanogen OS

By | 10.12.2018

Cortana will be integrated into the Cyanogen OS

Cortana будет интегрирована в Cyanogen OS

Not so long ago Microsoft has launched a test program in which Cortana is now available for Android users. Of course, the level of integration between Cortana and Android is much smaller than that which you can get using Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile, but the team Cyanogen Inc. want to achieve more through the introduction of voice assistants in the Cyanogen OS (firmware based on Android).

This was confirmed by the co-founder and CEO of Cyanogen Kirt McMaster. In particular, in an interview with International Business Times, he announced a partnership with Microsoft under which users will get «deep integration» Cortana Cyanogen OS and with the future release of the operating system.

The goal of the developers to go beyond Cortana as a standalone app, integrating its functionality directly into the Cyanogen OS.

McMaster didn’t reveal any details about when, how and why will be implemented this feature, but the motives of both companies is quite clear: Cyanogen aims to further independence from Google (and additional funding from Microsoft), while Redmond this step will help to continue the distribution strategy of their services and applications on all available platforms.

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