Cortana will alert you about a low battery from a smartphone on PC

By | 10.12.2018

Cortana will alert you about a low battery from the smartphone to a PC

Cortana будет отправлять оповещения о низком заряде батареи со смартфона на ПК

Synergies between smartphones and computers running Windows 10 will get an extra boost with the release of a major update, codenamed Redstone, which is expected next summer.

One of the builds of Windows 10 Mobile, which is currently being tested inside Microsoft, contains new features Cortana, including a feature allowing a virtual assistant to send phone information on a PC or tablet. In particular, you can get missed notifications from apps on your smartphone and warning about low battery. Recall that currently cortana only supports notifications of missed calls and unread messages.

The idea is very interesting, but unfortunately, at the moment it is not clear when it will be available to the General public. We don’t even know the build number, which was discovered this innovation, but it is likely that you’ll find out soon.

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