cortana on Windows 10 now performs the function of a translator

By | 10.12.2018

Cortana in Windows 10 now performs the function of a translator

Кортана в Windows 10 теперь выполняет и функцию переводчика

Cortana continues to increase its capabilities in Windows 10. Besides the fact that she has a good sense of humor and helps users organize their daily activities, now, using Microsoft Translator, the assistant can instantly translate a word or phrase, typed or dictated by voice.

First, the translation feature will only be available for users in the United States and China, but the company confirms that the list of supported regions will expand and gradually cover all the languages that «understands» the digital assistant.

According to the official announcement, users can use phrases such as «Hey cortana, translate to French, where is the nearest taxi rank?» or «Hey cortana how to say in Spanish where the nearest grocery store?». That is, to translate words or whole phrases by using natural language.

Currently, the function supports translation between English and Chinese in 39 languages, including Russian, the translation is displayed in text form. However, if you utter the phrase in one of the languages for which you have not yet declared support for translation, but which is supported by Cortana (e.g., Italian), the answer will be given within a few seconds through a search on Microsoft Edge. Full support for other languages will come later.

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