correction of an error of loss of connection to the Internet

By | 10.12.2018

Troubleshoot losing Internet connection

You bought a new router, configured the wireless network, but ran into an unexpected problem? The Internet is lost or stopped working altogether? The reasons can be many. In this article we will consider most widespread of them and we will try to offer an efficient solution for each specific case.

The cause of the malfunction

Disruptions in the network on one or more devices may arise for a number of reasons.

The main of them are:

  1. damage network cable, connectors, or improper connection of devices;
  2. failures in the operation of the router;
  3. problems with other equipment of the user.

Let us consider each of them individually.

Mechanical damage to cables or connectors

They can appear when the improper installation of the device, and failure to comply with the rules of operation. The first thing you need to verify the integrity of the cable: mechanical twisting or any damage on it should be absent. It is especially important to pay attention to those areas that could be damaged by furniture or when the gasket representatives of the provider.

Attention! If some parts of the cable (e.g. on the roof or outside your apartment) to make it impossible, you have to ask for help in the technical support of your ISP.

Устранение ошибки потери подключение к интернету

You must also make sure that he is not subjected to prolonged exposure to moisture that could cause damage and oxidation to some areas.

Important! Watch carefully for installers in the process of laying to ensure no twists, which can then lead to problems. Also, if possible, it is better to select a slightly more expensive version of the cable made of copper, which is more reliable.

The fault of the router

First thing you need to consider that the life of a typical router is about 5 years. After this period you may experience problems leading to interruptions in his work.

Among other reasons stand out:

  • voltage drops (e.g. during a thunderstorm);

    Устранение ошибки потери подключение к интернету

  • damage to the device (drop the router, penetration of liquids);
  • the high temperatures (if it is located on a Sunny place or it was closed vents).

All of these factors can lead to unstable operation of the device or its total failure. This may signal the LEDs on the router.

In case of problems, they are:

  • do not burn everything, but only 1-2 of the usual 4;
  • led «globe» is not lit or flashing;
  • all the bulbs do not light at all.

    Устранение ошибки потери подключение к интернету

To avoid such problems it is recommended that:

  1. during a thunderstorm, turn off the router from the network.

    Устранение ошибки потери подключение к интернету

  2. to take care of its correct location (away from sunlight and with adequate ventilation);
  3. to protect the device from moisture and other mechanical damage.

In the event of one of the above «symptoms» try to restart your device. If that doesn’t work – take the device to service center, also taking the power adapter and warranty card.

Incorrect operation of the equipment

This item involves a wide range of potential problems that could arise due to such factors as:

  • incorrect network settings and connect to it;

    Устранение ошибки потери подключение к интернету

  • incorrect connection of devices;
  • incorrect settings the device.

More details on this point will be discussed further.

The decision

So, lost connection to the Internet – what to do? Let’s start with the health check Wi-Fi.

Connected PC in the WI FI network

Consider the case when:

  • having problems with network discovery and connection thereto;
  • dropped the signal level;
  • it is impossible to get online;
  • the device does not connect to known network automatically.

To address these issues can help the following steps:

  1. check that the device is within range of the router;
  2. make sure that the router is properly connected, and the device is connected with the necessary network;
  3. go to «Settings» then «Wi-Fi» and restartable connection (you will need to re-enter login and password);

    Устранение ошибки потери подключение к интернету

  4. fully reload the problem device;
  5. turn off the router.

If these measures do not help, then you need to contact technical support.

Run Explorer without add-ons

Sometimes the inability to connect due to incorrect settings of your browser.

To return them to their initial state you need to:

  1. close all Windows Explorer;
  2. to launch a browser;
  3. go to menu «Tools» select «Internet options» (if this menu is invisible, press «Alt»);

    Устранение ошибки потери подключение к интернету

  4. in this window find the «Advanced» tab and click the option «Reset»;
  5. delete personal settings and click «OK».

Attention! This procedure will delete all personal data stored in a search engine (logins, passwords, bookmarks).

Reset Internet

After all the measures taken, the network connection is still not restored? Then you can try to reset the Internet settings.

To do this:

  1. go to «Settings» then «Wi-Fi» and check the list of available networks (for display may take a few seconds);
  2. closer to the router and again trying to find the network;
  3. if communication is not restored, go to «Settings», then «Main»;
  4. find the option Reset and activate it;
  5. reaffirm your choice.

Attention! This process will delete all prior network settings:

  • list of Wi-Fi networks which previously connected the device password;
  • the list of Bluetooth devices that have been used recently;
  • APN settings and VPN.

Video: Windows 7. Internet connection

Check cable device and reset the router

Another reason for the anomaly may be incorrect connection of the router.

Check it:

  1. convinced of the correctness of connecting power adapter (without it, the LEDs on the device will not burn);
  2. check the short cable connecting the LAN port on the router and the network port of the personal computer;
  3. do not forget about the Internet cable from the ISP – it needs to be connected to the WAN connector on the switch.

    Устранение ошибки потери подключение к интернету

Everything is connected correctly? Then reset settings the router:

  • find at the bottom of the device a small hole;
  • using a pen or a paper clip, hold it a hidden «Reset» button for about 10 seconds;
  • the router will reboot and its settings will return to the factory.

    Устранение ошибки потери подключение к интернету

Some models of routers require holding the reset in a slightly different way:

  • find the reset button;
  • reboot the device and hold it during the launch about 20-30 seconds;
  • followed by another restart that restores default settings.

Other checks

When this occurs, it is useful to check the version of the installed software. Perhaps it is hopelessly outdated and causes failures in the network.

For each of the models of the routers, the process is slightly different, but overall consists of similar steps:

  1. open the browser and go to the web interface of the router, using the specified username and password;

    Устранение ошибки потери подключение к интернету

  2. in the menu find the version of the current software and compare it with the latest in the updates section;
  3. download the archive with the update file, putting the folder on the computer where it will be stored;
  4. unpack it and in the interface of the router, select the update.

    Устранение ошибки потери подключение к интернету

  5. specify the directory containing the unzipped files;
  6. confirm your choice and wait for the end of the upgrade process.

Attention! During update do not turn off the device and remove the connected cables – this can lead to subsequent malfunctions or failures.

The cause of the problem may also lie in the individual characteristics of a particular model of router. Be sure to read the instructions that came with the device.

Hope this article helped you repair the network connection and get rid of errors in her work. If you have any questions or you just want to share your experiences – use the comment form below.

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