Converting video for the psp

By | 10.12.2018

Convert video for psp

Good time of day. I have gotten like that for her daughter, PSP (really Chinese , but neither che, has been working for half a year). And painfully I liked the ability to connect the PSP to the TV , as this engineering marvel, there are TV — out. Agree — easy , downloaded a movie converted for PSP were driven into the memory and see. Want to connect to the telly, want to see on the PSP screen , don’t need to burn a CD (on my DVD player , no USB support ). It is a pity that is not present in this PSP support AVI format. Anyway, the benefit is in the nature of a lot of progranulin to convert video files from one format to another. Poryskav on the Internet , stayed on the program Lucky Video Converter . Why her ? Answer — it is free, small in size ( only 33 MB), works fast. Download. absolutely for free on of. the website

Once downloaded and installed Lucky, run the program and go to program settings . All we need to configure is the folder in which the program will output the converted video to PSP. So, create on the disk D folder(I call it PSP ). Then in main window click Settings and go to the field destination folder, specify the location where you want to save the file, and press Save. All Lucky Video Converter is ready to use.

Конвертирование видео для psp

The second step in the main program window , click Add file and in the opened window, select the video you want to convert.

Конвертирование видео для psp

Step three, select the format for video output. To do this in the box below, go to menu → Mobile devices → Video for Sony PSP, click on it with the mouse .

Конвертирование видео для psp

Everything, we only give the command to start button to Convert.

Конвертирование видео для psp

After some time , depends on the size of the source video (e.g. movie size 1,400 MB was converted about 10 min) and the configuration of the computer, the video is ready you can pour on the PSP.

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