Controlling the use of PC is now easy and convenient

By | 10.12.2018

To control the use of PC just now: Time Boss 2.36

App Time Boss 2.36 is a program that provides the possibility of limiting the operating time of PC, as well as the time spent on the web. Also, with Time Boss you have the option of drawing up a list of applications forbidden to launch, and folders that are inaccessible to open.

Instruments that limit the time of work are very flexible components that can be fully configured from a simple indication of the number of hours during which the user will be able to work for the PC, to the preparation of detailed schedules for the days, weeks, etc. a possibility to add bonus time period, for example, weekend and many other features.

Контролировать использование ПК теперь просто и удобно

The same steps may be performed at the time spent online.

The program has Russian interface and allows you to easily adjust the possibility of using a personal computer. This can be useful, for example, for parents who do not wish their child too long sitting on the Internet or playing games. In addition, no harm will app Time Boss 2.36 on businesses whose employees did not hesitate to use work computer for their own purposes.

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