Continuum Mode in Windows 10 for hybrid devices

By | 11.12.2018

Continuum mode in Windows 10 for hybrid devices

Yesterday, when Microsoft has completed the presentation of its Windows 10, Joe Belfiore demonstrated one feature that will be part of the new operating system. It’s called Continuum, and in fact is a special mode that is designed specifically for hybrid devices.

To get an idea about the Continuum in Windows 10, Microsoft has posted a new video on YouTube.

The basic idea is to create a smart interface for devices 2-in-1 changes its mode when the device connects keyboard and mouse or when the user wants to use the device exclusively using the touch screen.

For example, if you have Surface Pro 3 and you detach the keyboard, Windows 10 will prompt you to switch to tablet mode (option that can be configured to start automatically). Clicking «Yes» will switch the interface to store apps in full screen mode and the new «start menu» is converted into a gigantic menu (like the start screen in Windows 8), filling the whole screen.

Continuum mode will not be part of Windows 10 Technical Preview, but Microsoft plans to include it in the public assemblies, which will be released in 2015.

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