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By | 10.12.2018

Mobile Internet connection MegaFon

Connect the mobile Internet today is not a problem – the problem is to determine the provider and choose from a wide array of options for optimal.

In Russia today there are dozens of services providing services Internet on mobile, Federal or regional significance. Each one promises fabulous conditions, great speed, free traffic and many sorts of benefits, bonuses and discounts.

What to choose, not to miscalculate and to do what you need? This is especially important if you need Internet not just for communicating with friends and for work or study.

Compare rates online

To consider the tariffs of the regional Internet service provider we in this article will not – a lot of them, and they all have their advantages and minor flaws.

Compare the rates of leading Russian Federal providers:

  1. Beeline. One of the first services that made in Russia affordable mobile communication, and then the Internet. Distinctive feature: a huge number of different packages for every taste and need. It is possible to connect a trial pack for one day, save money by choosing a package for all devices with a single payment of the Internet for a smartphone to pay for mobile Internet only in the days when they really used. And all this at a stable rate and excellent traffic.

    Подключение мобильного интернета Мегафон

  2. Rostelecom. One of the largest providers in the country, the number of subscribers has long been in the millions. In addition to the Internet service is also provided telephony and interactive television. Depending on the speed to connect to the Internet is available from 199 rubles per month.
  3. Megaphone. The telecommunications company is among the three leading and actively developing mobile communication and Internet access from any device providers. The operator guarantees a good grid coverage, a sufficiently large amount of traffic and decent speed, while offering a variety of payment methods – daily (from 29 rubles) or monthly (from 390 rubles).

So, we can conclude that if you use a mobile connection MegaFon, to change the service to activate Internet on mobile for you makes no sense. Moreover, the rates the provider offers is really interesting, and the quality of service – worthy.

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Connection methods

For convenience, the operator has developed six different ways to connect to the Internet from a mobile device.

Choose the most convenient for you:

  • to come personally in one of the offices of the company and to make the service connection for the selected tariff;
  • to call the hotline of technical support of subscribers, operating around the clock, the number «0500»;
  • use the Internet assistant;

    Подключение мобильного интернета Мегафон

  • to use USSD to connect to the desired code rate of Internet services;
  • to send a SMS also with the appropriate command code;
  • to hold the network connection in Personal area.

Contact centre

This connection method is considered to be one of the most simple and convenient, because most of it is used to connect mobile Internet from MegaFon.

  1. mobile short dial number «0500»;
  2. wait for communication with the operator and follow the prompts, step by step fulfilling all settings;
  3. if for some reason you are unable to contact the call center at the four-digit number, try to dial 0500325 or 0500716.

The connection procedure will not take more than a few minutes.


You can connect the Internet via SMS

For the convenience of its customers, the provider also thought about the option of connecting to the mobile Internet via SMS. This connection method is for the lazy, you can take advantage of being in the public transport on the way to work or classes, or in a cafe waiting for a friend.

Подключение мобильного интернета Мегафон

All that is required is to send a blank message to a specific number.

The room should be chosen depending on the desired package:

  1. for the mobile Internet in Russia – 000105615
  2. for connecting Internet on smartphone – 000105970
  3. to activate unlimited mobile Internet 000105325


This connection method is one of the fastest. But to use it, you need to know a certain combination of numbers and characters.

To connect unlimited Internet, you need to:

  1. to dial *105*325# and press the call key;

    Подключение мобильного интернета Мегафон

  2. for smartphone— *105*97# and a call key;
  3. for best mobile Internet in Russia— *105*615# and the call key.


To connect to the Internet on the official website of MegaFon

The following method, which took care of provider connection to the services of the worldwide web through the official website. What to do in this case?

Everything is very simple. You will need a computer and free access to the Internet:

  1. go to the official website of the telecommunications company MegaFon;
  2. look in the menu «Internet»;

    Подключение мобильного интернета Мегафон

  3. specify the region in which you are, and the desired rate;
  4. typically, the default site itself opens the page for your region, you just have to choose you need Internet for tablet, smartphone, in Russia or worldwide;
  5. once you chose the service to your phone will come SMS message with confirmation that access to the Internet is opened. All settings are carried out automatically within a quarter of an hour, then you can use the Internet from a mobile device.

Another important aspect, which must not be forgotten, using this connection method – your phone should be exactly the kind of SIM card through which you wish to activate the mobile Internet Megaphone.


Actually very rarely now someone goes in search of the nearest post office Megaphone just to connect to the Internet from the provider MegaFon. But if you were nearby salon or come back on other issues, at the same time to connect to the Internet.

Подключение мобильного интернета Мегафон

This service is absolutely free – the staff is happy to fulfill all the settings on your phone and explain obscure points.

The staff of the salon will quickly perform all the necessary setup and will answer your questions

Service guide

This is a very interesting service which can boast not all mobile operators. The company has created a special private website for subscribers, where you can get prompt assistance on a variety of issues of connectivity or service.

Just go to the right address and follow the exact instructions. In a matter of minutes you will have access to the Internet from a mobile device.

Manual entry of parameters

Many people prefer this traditional and proven method of connection. Usually it is used when, for any reason, use another method not possible. What you need to do to configure the settings on the phone manually?

On the official website you should find your model of mobile device. Each model has its own parameters. You need to install them by logging in to menu «phone Settings». That’s all that is required to access the Internet.

Most popular rates for mobile

At the moment there are two tariffs, which often choose — Internet Internet XS and S. What is proposed and why choose them?

In the first embodiment, the subscriber gets a stable coating, low cost and reliability. But high speed to wait with this package is not worth it.

Подключение мобильного интернета Мегафон

In the second option the speed will be higher and the amount of traffic anymore. The main advantage of the first and the second option is still a small cost. You will have to pay only once, when connected to the service. Then you can totally free to enjoy unlimited Internet access within Russia.

However, if you really want to make your mobile Internet faster and better, you can use a special service «prolong speed». But it is not free – please check details when you activate it.

The presence of the Internet in the mobile phone makes modern living easier, more fun and easier, in addition, it is possible to save money, because communication through the Internet is cheaper even than sending text messages.

You won’t be bored to travel in the metro or the bus, you won’t miss anything and will always be up to date with the latest news and events.

You have still not activated unlimited Internet for mobile devices from the Bullhorn? Don’t hesitate, get involved today in any convenient for you way.

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