Connecting and configuring the router D LINK DIR 615

By | 10.12.2018

Connecting and configuring the router D LINK DIR 615

Router D-Link DIR 615 is one of the most popular models of the company due to its reliability, performance and ease of use. Many Internet service providers recommend to use or offer for sale themselves.

To connect and configure it yourself, like any other router from D-Link, very easy. Next, you will learn how to connect and log into router settings D LINK DIR 615 to be configured for a specific provider and connection.

Important point: menu items of the web interface for in article provided for the latest versions of firmware, it is recommended to upgrade to the most recent.


The first time, even if you intend to only use wifi, you need to connect via Ethernet cable:

  • open the box and remove the router, power supply unit and the bundled cable;
  • connect the power supply to the unit, plug the unit into the socket;
  • the wire that runs from your ISP to be connected to the Internet socket, the wire that came in the kit, into one of the LAN jacks to your PC or laptop.

    Подключение и настройка роутера D LINK DIR 615


After connection you need to configure your router. For this purpose, a simple and intuitive graphical web interface.

To open it, you need to:

  • enter in the browser address bar (address of the default router). D-link recommends that you use Internet Explorer or Firefox, but you can use any browser;

    Подключение и настройка роутера D LINK DIR 615

  • • enter username/password (default is admin/admin).

    Подключение и настройка роутера D LINK DIR 615

If the router has a different address or changed your username or password, and you don’t know them, reset the installation by clicking on the button 10-15 seconds resetна the back of the device. Read more about reset at the end of the article.


The store bought device, as a rule, is outdated firmware version. The manufacturer releases a new revision containing bug fixes and various improvements. It is recommended to install the latest version available.

Подключение и настройка роутера D LINK DIR 615

There are also special firmware customized for a particular provider, for example for DIR-615 this is from the TTC. You can change it into standard.

To install:

  • download the latest firmware from the manufacturer’s website;
  • log into the web interface of the router, select «System» -> «software Update». To the «System» was visible, you must enable «Advanced settings»;

    Подключение и настройка роутера D LINK DIR 615

  • click the «Browse» button and select previously downloaded file. After clicking on «Update» will happen to re-flash the device. Upon completion, you will need to reset the device to factory settings.

Video: configuring the router D-Link DIR 615

Internet Configuration

In order to configure the Internet, select «Network -> WAN».

Подключение и настройка роутера D LINK DIR 615

Our eyes will see a list of already existing connections. Most likely it will be empty, but if there is already something, it is better to remove them. After clicking on the «Add» button, we can configure a new connection.

The most important step is to choose the connection type. There are several available modes of Internet connection that will be further disassembled further. To know your type, you can call support for your ISP.


The most common of them are used by most Internet service providers, such as the House of ru.

Подключение и настройка роутера D LINK DIR 615

You’ll need a password and username, which can be found in the support. The MTU setting you need to put 1492. By clicking on the «Edit» button will save the changes.


This type of connection is used to work with VPNи is provided, for example, the provider Beeline. The Protocol is relatively fresh, old routers basically it is not supported, but the DIR 615 is not one of them and are recommended for use with this Protocol.

To connect to the Internet, you need:

  • enter your username and password provided by the ISP, and other parameters;

    Подключение и настройка роутера D LINK DIR 615

  • for Beeline, select «LT2P + Dynamic IP», and as a VPN server;
  • Set the MTU to 1456, put «no encryption». The rest of the installation look at the photo, or ask your provider.

Static IP

Most providers of getting a static IP is an extra service, as it is not necessary in all. For some purposes this option is useful, for it will have to pay the provider.

If you have it connected, you will need:

  • choose «Static IP»;
  • enter the assigned IP address, network mask (, gateway address, and DNS servers. To learn all of them in support of your Internet service provider. In the same way as for any other type of connection, you can set his name.

    Подключение и настройка роутера D LINK DIR 615

Rostelecom address of the gateway is the first three numbers of your IP address unchanged and is the last unit (for example, if you IP, the gateway address will be, and DNS addresses

Dynamic IP

Dynamic IP is different from the static only that is issued via DHCP each time you log in to the network.

The biggest advantage is that no additional data input is not necessary. It is sufficient to choose the Protocol to use after the network is automatically set.

Occasionally, you may need to replace the MAC address to the one registered with your provider. Simply enter the required address in the box and press «Change».

Подключение и настройка роутера D LINK DIR 615

Configuring Wi-Fi

Once you have connected the router to the Internet, you can start to configure wireless network. Its configuration should not be taken lightly, as Wi-Fi with weak password or no it can be not only a reduction in speed and increase traffic, but also a security threat.

  • «Wi-Fi» -> «General settings», turn on wifi, putting a checkmark next to «Enable wireless connection».
  • in the «Basic settings», set the SSID (network name), the other items can without the need to leave the default. The region is recommended to put «the Russian Federation».

    Подключение и настройка роутера D LINK DIR 615

  • the most important settings are in the «security Settings». Select the type of encryption (recommended WPA2-PSK) and password to access the network. It needs to be more than eight characters and, preferably, not be easy to guess. The «Change» button will save the changes.


The local network is configured automatically by the device, and in most cases, there is no need to change existing setup. In settings you can access by clicking on «Network -> LAN». In most cases, change is not worth it.

Подключение и настройка роутера D LINK DIR 615

It is recommended to keep the DHCP server (automatic assignment of local IP addresses) is always on. This minimizes the chance of possible problems with the network and simplify its installation.

Подключение и настройка роутера D LINK DIR 615

Also you can change the router address and range of addresses issued by DHCP. For correct operation on all computers in LAN must be enabled for automatic acquisition of IP.

Change the administrator password

For security purposes, it is important to change the default username and password of the administrator. Leaving it to default, you create the risk of transmission of control to a random person. This may seem excessive measure for home Internet, but may save you a lot of nerves.

You can do it by going «System -> administrator Password.» Don’t make it too simple and always write it down somewhere: to reconfigure the router is rarely necessary, and during this time, you can just forget. Make sure that access to it could not get stranger.


If you have improper settings or you forgot your password or administrator login, you can reset the device to factory defaults.

You can do this:

  • from web-interface;

    Подключение и настройка роутера D LINK DIR 615

  • «iron», which is especially useful when for some reason access to it impossible. For «iron» reset click resetи hold for 10-15 seconds.

Features D-link DIR 615 extensive, and you can use it for a wide range of applications, but customize your home your own is not difficult even if you have little experience, thanks to the intuitive, smart interface.

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