Connecting and configuring the router ASUS RT N14U

By | 10.12.2018

Connecting and configuring the router ASUS RT N14U

In this article we will look at an example of using the Asus router RT N14U and carry a small educational program on the proper inclusion of IPTV channels for subscribers of Beeline network.

Connecting to a PC

Router Asus RT N14U is an easy — to-use equipment for fast and stable wireless Internet access. This model is based on 802.11 n technology — one of the most common standards in such devices.

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N14U

Among the main advantages of the model are the following:

  1. the USB port;
  2. access cloud storage from Apple — AiCloud;
  3. ergonomic design;
  4. ensuring fast connection to the Internet, the ability to carry out offline download files.

Configuring the router Asus RT N14UН starts with turning the unit to the power supply network and connect it to the Internet. The power cord supplied with the device, connects to the back panel, in a special round connector. After that, the other end of the cord on which the plug can be inserted into the receptacle that will provide power.

Cable WAN, that will give the Internet signal to the access point connects via a special connector, which in Latin letters is written the INTERNET (WAN port). Cord LAN should be connected to one of the 4 connectors on the router are marked, and its other end fixed in the network card of your PC.

Connect a LAN cable from the equipment access to a computer is used to produce further tuning. Then this cord will not be necessary, as the Internet signal becomes wireless.

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N14U

Input into the settings

Once completed the connection procedure RT N14U first to the food, and then to your PC, you can begin entering the required data and testing.

Important! Configuring the router Asus RT N14U, already former in the use, has a caveat. If you are installing such equipment, before the first start need to reset it to previous settings to factory. Press the Reset button on the rear panel of the router. If the access point is new is this procedure to produce should not be.

You can now test the communication equipment with a personal computer. On your desktop, click on the virtual «start» button, go to control Panel, in the sections where you choose «Network and Internet». Here, click on «control Center».

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N14U

In the resulting window, select and click on «local area Connection» by default in the upper-right corner of the window. Opposite to IPv4 must be specified the numbers that will begin with 192.168…. If this number is present, the connection is successful and you can start testing point.

To do this:

  1. open a browser and in its address bar to write a sequence of numbers that is called the «IPv4 default Gateway» (combination you can view on the rear panel of equipment).
  2. there are written characters for a username and password. These fields will need to fill in the opened browser window.

Video: firmware Updates, configuring the Internet

Internet settings for PPPoE

If all actions mentioned above were perfect correct you will be redirected to a page where you are configuring the router Asus RT N14U.

Beeline subscribers in the window that appears should adhere to the following sequence of actions:

  1. under «WAN connection type» to indicate that the inclusion is performed via PPPoE;
  2. adjust the IP address should be automatic, and you must specify the following graph;
  3. the same action must be done and with graphs about configuring DNS, WAN you will also receive automatically;
  4. an account is formed when filling the username and password entered above;
  5. in the special requirements field from your service provider you can write and also specify the server PPTP/L2TP.

After confirming all actions necessary to wait for the reboot, which will take place in a few seconds.

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N14U

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N14U

Configuring the router Asus RT N14U for Beeline

The setting produced in the same way as mentioned above on the condition that the username and password for the subscribers of Beeline, the operator specifies. In this case, the IP address and DNS server address You can receive automatically in the control center Windows XP or going to the settings of the adapter.

Access point “Wi-Fi”

Via the access point Wi-Fi personal computer will connect to the Internet. Settings can be changed by clicking in the interface customizations to the tab «Wireless network» — SSID count.

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N14U

Also verify that default is in the «authentication Method». For Beeline subscribers there must be indicated the value of WPA2-Personal. If not, you should install it yourself.

Count «WPA preshared key» is designed to let the user create a password to connect to the wireless connection. Its length should be from 8 to 63 characters. To save all the entered settings, click «Apply» and reboot.


Internet TV, or IPTV — is the ability to watch TV, regardless of the region in which they are broadcast. To establish the correct broadcasting of this function is simple, and the main condition for this is the definition of the required TV port.

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N14U

Access point Asus has a new firmware where the choice of IPTV accessed by clicking on the tab «Local network» in the menu «router configuration». In the appeared interface, you need to specify which port to use to connect your TV tuner.

Opposite the inscription «the Choice of port for IPTV-STB» be sure to specify the port on which is connected the set-top box. By default, it is usually listed as LAN4, however, different models of equipment can connect to different connectors. To avoid errors be sure to check the port name given in guidelines acquired TV-tuner.

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N14U

Important! In some cases, good signal reception, from the user’s Beeline may also need to enable multicast routing, however, initially try to leave this column untouched.

Change the user name and password to log on to the web interface

In case you began to doubt the reliability of a username or password, you can change it using the settings menu. Sometimes this action is necessary due to the fact that the equipment these data are often standard and are called «admin».

It should be noted that the first request to change the characters you typed will be carried out when you first turn. Already you can not use the factory data, and create a login and personal information to use the web interface.

To change:

  • click on the Administration tab;
  • click on «System». Here you will be asked to first enter the old password, then new, pre-duplicated it in order to avoid errors when entering characters.

From now on, entered the password and login is your personal access to the web interface where you will be setting up the router Asus RT N14U.

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N14U

Important! If you for some reason forget this data, you should reset the router to factory defaults by pressing the rear panel button «Reset».

Firmware update

Asus often delights its users with the release of new firmware for their devices.

To find out if there are any new firmware for the model you’re interested, you must:

  • in the «network Map» click on the firmware version (numeric combination);
  • then click on the tab «Check».

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N14U

If new firmware is available it will begin installing automatically. If for any reason this process stopped, lost or does not start, you have to update the firmware manually.

To do this:

  1. should visit the official website of the manufacturer Asus, to pick up, and then download on the PC new firmware version for model RT-N14U. Usually, it can be found in the section Drive&Tools where you will need to click on the tab «Fimware» and download desired firmware for your router model;
  2. after unzipped the downloaded data will remain. trx file, which you will paste, click in the web interface under the tab «firmware Upgrade»;
  3. putting the path to this file in the «new firmware File»;
  4. for finishing the installation of the new firmware, click «Send».

Video: Review of ASUS RT-N14U

Work with USB devices

Model RT-N14U has a USB 2.0 port that can be used to connect additional inclusions. In the case of its use, it will automatically be displayed on the computer, making it appear the cell to use additional features and functions.

In USB port can be enabled on some models of TV-tuners required for broadcast IPTV.

In order to become familiar with the basic functional components and gadgets that can be connected to the equipment, please click on the tab «USB drives» in the main menu of the web interface. Here you can also set a password on the USB port.

As you can see, configuring the router Asus RT N14U does not require users special knowledge or any skills. Setup and debugging of the device for its normal functioning has a very accessible and intuitive interface that makes most actions can be made intuitively.

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