Connecting and configuring the router ASUS RT N12VP

By | 10.12.2018

Connecting and configuring the router ASUS RT N12VP

Router ASUS RT N12VP recommended to build a local Wi-Fi network by many service providers. The reasons are many – first of all, this versatility and ease.

This unit can be easily connected to a PC and then to Internet not even a very experienced user.

Connecting to a computer

To connect ASUS RT N12VP to a personal computer will need some items (they all are included):

  • the cable is a twisted pair, compressed with both sides of the connector RG-45;
  • power supply;
  • the router directly.

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N12VP

The connection process is carried out in several stages:

  • include the PC’s network card;
  • connection to a data cable;
  • the other end of the data cable is connected to the router;
  • from the back side of the plug to the camera power cable.

It is also important not to forget to connect to the router two antennas – they are always supplied with the device.


To run the input parameters to a device of this type, it is mandatory to perform authorization. The process is fairly simple.

To do this, simply order the following:

  • connect the router to the PC with a patch cord;
  • launch any Internet browser (Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome);
  • in the address bar enter – this set of numbers is a personal router address;
  • a window will open, where present in both fields (username and password) is required to enter the same «admin»;
  • press «Enter».

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N12VP

If the user did everything correctly, then the authorization is complete. Thus, it is possible to access the parameters of the device, to specify all the required characteristics and perform other actions.

Reset settings

It often happens that the equipment for some reason lose your settings, or it simply ceases to work normally. To resolve this situation sometimes allows banal to reboot with factory reset.

To set the default settings of the router in two ways:

  • software;
  • hardware.

The easiest way is a factory reset hardware method (mechanical). This will require only a long slender object with a rounded end (the rod is a pen or something similar).

To reset you need to:

  • rotate the device to his back;
  • find a small hole in the plastic (it is located between the left antenna and the «Power»button);
  • press the button located in its depth and hold it in this position for 20 seconds (continuously).

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N12VP

To implement reset, software must perform a list of actions:

  • performed authorization.
  • in the left part of the screen find the section titled «Administration»;
  • open the tab «Manage»;
  • click on the button «Factory settings».

Today released several firmware for this unit. Therefore, the software reset process may differ slightly.

No matter how was made the operation, the parameters RT N12VP reset to factory settings. This allows you to configure Internet and home network again.

Internet setup

Connecting to the Internet on a device of this type is the most important stage. As RT N12VP intended primarily for the provision of shared access to the global network. For different providers, you must make various settings. Despite this, the process of connecting to the Internet is quite simple.

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N12VP


Configuring the router ASUS RT N12VP for Rostelecom as follows:

  • perform authorization on the router and select in the left part of the screen a section called the Internet;
  • «the Type of Wan connection», select PPTP;
  • mark «Yes» in the following paragraphs:
  1. «Enable WAN»;
  2. «Enable NAT»;
  3. «Enable UPnP»;
  • under «account setup» set «username» and «Password» indicated in the contract for the provision of communication services;
  • if the input parameters are on the PC that was previously connected to the Internet, you need to click on «Clone MAC»;
  • if connected to the Internet PC has not been previously, you should register the MAC of the device;
  • press the «Accept» button located at the bottom of the page.

After performing all the above steps, it is desirable to restart the router.

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N12VP

In some regions, the preparation for this model of router is a little different.

It is simpler and is as follows:

  • authorization;
  • go to the «Internet»;
  • in the «WAN connection Type» choose «Automatic IP»;
  • set a checkmark in the «Yes» in the following paragraphs:
  1. «Enable WAN»;
  2. «Enable NAT»;
  3. «Enable UPnP»;
  • click on «Clone MAC»;
  • click on the «Accept»button;
  • reboot the machine.

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N12VP

After the process is complete you can proceed to activate the Wi-Fi connection and subsequent work on the Internet.


When preparing to work with Beeline RT N12VP will require the connection of type L2TP.

The Internet connection is as follows:

  • perform the logging in the router via any browser;
  • go to the «Internet»;
  • select in the «WAN connection Type» L2TP;
  • include WAN, NAT, UPnP;
  • in the field «username» enter the number of the contract;
  • in the «Password» field you must enter the password used to log in to your personal account on the site Beeline;
  • in the «VPN connection» prescribe «»;
  • click on «Apply».

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N12VP

Configuring the router ASUS RT N12VP for IPTV

An important feature of the model RT N12VP is the ability to work with IPTV set-top box. This function are quite limited even in the latest firmware.

That is why preparing is extremely fast:

  1. perform authorization in the WEB interface;
  2. go to the «LAN»;
  3. in paragraph entitled «Choice of port IPTV-STB» referred to the port to which you connected the device.
  4. click on the button «Accept».

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N12VP

This process ends. If to work with a console of this type will need to enter VLAN ID, then this router will not work. So the selection simply does not happen in the absence of this paragraph.

Video: connecting and configuring

Wi-Fi on the router

To provide access to the internet via Wi-Fi with Asus RT N12VP you must perform the following steps:

  1. carry out the authorization through WEB-interface;
  2. go to the «Wireless network» and open the «General»tab;
  3. fill the field «SSID» — in Latin letters denote the name of the Wi-Fi;
  4. choose a suitable method of protecting transmitted data in the field «authentication method» — usually «WPA2-Personal»;
  5. write the access key to the Wi-Fi, which will be used on all devices in the «WPA preshared key»;
  6. click on the «Apply»button.

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N12VP

After performing all the above steps, you can proceed to connecting various devices by means of Wi-Fi.

If necessary, you can use additional options in the following tabs:

  • «WPS»;
  • «Bridge»;
  • «Filter MAC addresses wireless network»;
  • «Radius»;
  • «Professionally».

A large variety of parameters and options is the most important advantage of this model of ASUS RT N12VP. User-friendly interface gives you the ability to make the network «by itself» to any user taking into account the specifics of its use in a particular case.


Often it happens that in the operation of the apparatus there is a problem. Either it’s not quite working correctly with any provider. In this case, the solution may serve as flashing. For this, you must first download it from the manufacturer’s website or other source.

A process of this type is as follows:

  • carry out the authorization through WEB-interface;
  • in the left part of the window that opens select the item «Administration»;
  • click on the tab called «program Updates»;
  • find the field «new firmware File»;
  • click on the «Browse» button specify the path to the update files;
  • click on «Send».

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N12VP

The flashing process can take a long time. While it is not finished, in any case you should not disable the power to the computer or router. This can lead to the release of the latest failure. When the flashing process is complete, you must restart the device.

ASUS RT N12VP – an excellent device for collective access to the Internet. Through this router without any problems to connect via wifi to the world wide Web. Performance parameters of this device allow you to apply it how to build office infrastructure and for operation in the home.

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