Connecting and configuring the router ASUS RT N10E

By | 10.12.2018

Connecting and configuring the router ASUS RT N10E

The Asus company produces quite a wide range of different routers. One of the most popular model is the RT-N10E.

The reason for that are high performance and stable signal, giving the possibility to use the device even in buildings with very thick concrete walls. The setup process usually takes less than 10 minutes.

Connected to PC

The process of RT N10E connection to a personal computer very simple.

This will require a few things:

  • patch cord;

    Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N10E

  • the power supply unit.

When both of these subject to availability and must be:

  • to connect the PC’s network card with the device;
  • to connect to the router the Internet cable;
  • apply power using the special block;
  • press the «Power» button, located in the rear of the case.

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N10E

This connection to a personal computer over. After performing all the above steps, you can start setting up access to the internet or Wi-Fi.

Input into the settings

Operation to implement the input necessary for the operation of values is performed using a browser. For this purpose you can use any program of this type.

To log in to the web interface, you must:

  • open any browser;
  • in the address bar enter;
  • open the window authorization is entered in the fields «username» and «password» admin;
  • click on the button «send».

After performing all the actions listed above, the interface opens, allowing you to perform all the necessary manipulations with a router.

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N10E

Sometimes some specimens are equipped with RT N10E firmware, in which the username and password «admin» simply does not fit. How to go to settings?

In this case, you can approach the following sets of characters as the password:

  • 0000;
  • 1234;
  • empty field;
  • password.

Video: router ASUS RT-N10

Connection Beeline L2TP

Configuring the router Asus RT N10 for Beeline is very simple and fast.

For operation you will need to select the following values:

  • connection type WAN (L2TP or PPTP);
  • IP address – automatic;
  • DNS WAN auto;
  • an access server

The process of entering the necessary parameters looks like this:

  • go to the web interface by entering the address into the address bar of the browser;
  • find in the left part of the window section «Advanced Settings», go to the item called «WAN»;
  • in the field «wan connection type», select L2TP;

    Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N10E

  • in the field «get the wan IP automatically» , put a dot opposite «YES»;
  • in paragraph «connect to DNS Server automatically» set the point opposite «YES»;
  • in «account and detailed connection setting», write the username and password given by the operator – usually the username is the contract number and the password – password used to log in to your personal account;
  • should be in the field «VPN server» to write «».

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N10E

When all the actions stated above is done, you can safely press the button «Apply» or «apply» — depending on the interface language. Preferably after you have entered the necessary settings to restart. This will avoid different kind of problems. After it you can proceed to setting up a Wi-Fi network and connect IPTV set-top box.

Rostelecom Connected PPPoE

Commissioning devices to work with the provider Rostelecom is somewhat different from the L2TP connection Beeline.

To connect RT N10E must do the following:

  • performed by connecting the router to the PC and turn it on;
  • included in the web-interface through any web browser;
  • find the section «WAN» and open the tab «Internet connection»;
  • «The type of WAN connection» — select the PPPoE value;
  • «choose IPTV STB port» — none;
  • «enable UPnP» — YES;
  • «get WAN IP address automatically» — YES;
  • «connect to DNS server automatically?» — YES;
  • enter the login name and password received from the employee of the provider at the conclusion of the contract;
  • you need to «enable PPPoE relay» to translate in position «No».

All other parameters available on this page, it is necessary to leave without change.

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N10E

It happens that the required values are sometimes unwilling to remain for an empty field called «hostname». In this situation, just write there «rostelecom». This will help to resolve this issue. After completing all the above steps, you receive a connection to the Internet. Next you can begin setting up Wi-Fi.

Configuring Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi an Asus RT N10E is also quite simple and not difficult. An important advantage of the section with options to configure for wireless connection, is its extraordinary flexibility. Any user will be able to choose the values that he needed to build a home LAN.

The input process parameters for the Wi-Fi works as follows:

  • the field «SSID» — the typed characters will appear when someone searches for Wi-Fi with any device, this value is actually the name of the network (it is desirable to use only Latin letters and numbers, avoid Russian letters, dashes, dots);
  • as a method of authentication, it is desirable to select «WPA2-Personal» — today it is the most protected;
  • «WPA preshared key» — in this section, you should write code to implement access to configured network.

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N10E

Other parameters that are also available to change, touch is not desirable. As for working with them requires a special knowledge. After performing all the above steps, you can safely connect to the router from any device and when you have internet to work in it.


An important feature of the router Asus RT N10E is the ability to receive TV signals for Internet cable. This requires specialized equipment – IPTV set-top box. But even in the latest version of firmware the set of parameters available for configuration are pretty limited.

To start working with equipment of this type is sufficient to do the following:

  • go to «Advanced Setting»;
  • open the item called «WAN»;
  • in the field «choose IPTV STB Ports» select a port to which is connected the console.

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N10E

If you have to work with the TV provider requires that you enter other values, it is likely to work with the console will be impossible.


Sometimes it happens that even on such hardware as the Asus RT N10E, slipping configuration and subsequently fails to restore the working condition of the equipment. Also sometimes to work with some providers only require the new software. In those cases, you must use an updated firmware.

Before you proceed to replace the software on the device, please download it. For these purposes, it is best to use the official website or the website of the provider where is the firmware for the specific router model. Do not use firmware from unknown sources.

The process of performing the upgrade as follows:

  • the connected device to the network card of the personal computer and turn on both devices;
  • after loading Windows go using the browser interface the Asus;
  • enter the previously set login and password (usually admin in both cases);
  • go to the tab «administration»;
  • click on «firmware upgrade»;
  • click on «browse» and specify the path to the new firmware devices;
  • click on «send».

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N10E

After that, the screen displays a status indicator showing the progress of work in percentage. This step takes approximately 3-4 minutes. When the flashing process is complete, you will need to restart the gadget. In any case, you cannot interrupt the flashing process, it could damage the router. When the operation is complete, you will need to re-configure the Internet.

Video: Asus RT-N10 Repeater

How to reset the router ASUS RT N10E

Sometimes it happens that for some reason, the router ceases to operate normally and no dancing with a tambourine do not help in resolving this situation. To cope with this will help the usual reset to factory settings. To make it simple enough – for this you will need to use a small object, rounded at the end.

The reset process is performed as follows:

  • turn the device face side;
  • find a small hole with a button inside (located between the left antenna and the button marked with «Power»);
  • click on the restore button and hold a thin object in this position not less than 15 seconds.

Подключение и настройка роутера ASUS RT N10E

After performing all the above operations the router will reset and you can then re-enter the values. In most cases this gives you the ability to easily cope with any problems.

The model of the router gives you the ability to gain wireless access to the Internet simultaneously to many devices. Thanks to its versatility, the RT N10E lets you quickly and easily choose the right settings no matter which provider is used. A router of this type is a great choice for both home and office.

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