connect the tablet to the Internet via WIFI

By | 10.12.2018

Connect the tablet to the Internet via WIFI

With desktop computers fading into oblivion. In their place came a more convenient and portable things, which are tablets. The development of modern technical thought now allows you to create them in the formal expression in no way inferior to a PC.

Devices of the new generation of multi-functional, «resilient», as it is portable and equipped with a keyboard. They allow you to use the wealth of information on the Internet in any time and place, but for this, regardless of the model chosen, the tolerance to the Network will have to install.

Why connect the tablet to Internet

PC portable multi-functional and convenient, but not without disadvantages of conventional techniques. Portable computers need to configure the connection with the world wide web. The only exception to the rule can be considered more expensive models with built-in 4 and 3G-modems.

But this balance does not exempt from carrying out basic settings.

Подключаем планшет к Интернету через WIFI

Owners of low-end models can’t count on hand at any point where there is a reception of the cellular operator. But, in fact, the tablet cannot function normally without the Internet. Coordinated operation of all applications depends on it. It is therefore necessary to know the basic ways of connecting the gadget via a WIFI interface.

Configuring Wi-Fi

Almost all modern tablets allow you to connect to the Internet via the wifi access point.

There are two main ways to configure:

  • auto;
  • in the manual mode.

For home connections best router mode (when the modem gives Internet to all devices). The connection type of bridge has a more limited capacity.


To device made the connection in automatic mode, it is necessary to carry out the following actions:

  1. go to the menu «Tincture(Settings)»;

    Подключаем планшет к Интернету через WIFI

  2. in the tab of wireless connection, select wifi and click «ON»;
  3. from the list of networks to be found, you must select an attachable module (Join at Network);
  4. if you set wireless security, then you need to enter a personal password.

After all the necessary steps to close all tabs and verify the specified parameters. Sometimes there are problems that require manual intervention.

It should be noted that the speed of the Wi-Fi connection is much higher than the 3 and 4G embedded modules.


On some portable PC you need to make settings of the wireless connection manually. This can happen if the router is not DHCP-enabled.

This is best done by the following algorithm:

  • go to the menu «Settings» then «Wi-Fi»;
  • select the item «manually attach»;
  • enter the network name and focus on the item «Advanced»;
  • IP settings, select «Custom»;
  • once there input fields need to specify IP and DNS addresses, using the data from the subnet of the router (otherwise, the addresses can be found at the vendor web-services).

After that you must select the security type and click Connect. It should be noted that 1 and 2 DNS addresses are the standard form of the type «» and «».

Connection methods

There are four main possibilities for the connection of portable tablets to a high-speed wireless Internet:

Подключаем планшет к Интернету через WIFI

  • via a Wi-Fi router (after the acquisition, configuration and installation of router connection problems should not arise, but in this case we are talking only about the territory limited by your housing);
  • through the laptop (useful if the house several computing devices);
  • using 3G modem (if not built into the gadget, it is always possible to buy separately);
  • if you use hotspots and the city hotspots from different operators.

Connection using laptop is quite easy and convenient. Almost every modern laptop PC has a built-in Wi-Fi interface. Powerful functionality of Windows 7 and 8 allows you to make any laptop a router regardless of wired or wireless enabling was created initially.

Подключаем планшет к Интернету через WIFI

As for the 3g modem, when its acquisition is first necessary to pay attention to compatibility with existing portable device. In addition, buy will have the OTG cable. It will serve as a liaison between the connector device and the modem. This is a good solution for devices based on Android OS, but iPadов this method will not work.

People who frequent shopping malls, cafes and restaurants can benefit from «advertising» to the Internet. The owners of some establishments did web access is free, but some use it as motivation for clients (that is, it becomes free when ordering or buying goods for a certain amount of money).

This method is good for simple surfing over the vast expanses of the Internet. But for regular work it is not suitable.

Connected via laptop

To connect the handheld device to the Internet using the laptop you need to turn it in the dealer module. A new series of Windows allow you to do this using the originally built-in tools. Basic requirements – the presence of a wireless adapter or card that supports wi-fi.

The algorithm setup is the following:

  • go to «control Center network and sharing»;

    Подключаем планшет к Интернету через WIFI

  • select «new connection»;

    Подключаем планшет к Интернету через WIFI

  • click the icon to run the «setup Wizard…»;
  • select the item «Connecting computer-to-computer»;
  • skip information box and click «Next»;
  • in the next window you must specify the network name, security type and enter the access key; the name – choose any, the second field is better left unchanged, and in the third you have to enter a password – a combination of letters and numbers not exceeding 8 characters;
  • put a check next to «Save settings» and click «Next»;
  • create a common access to devices, press the corresponding button;
  • after an automatic installation, close the window and again severing «Center of…»;
  • choose «Edit additional parameters…»;
  • in the resulting window, set the checkboxes next to «Enable detection…» and «Enable shared access to files and printers»;
  • save the changes.

After all these steps, your questions about how to connect the tablet to the Internet via a laptop over wifi, should not occur.

3G modem

If you want to do not only a portable PC, but is similar to the Internet, you need to buy or models with built-in 3g modem, or separately. Modem device must be compatible with the tablet.

Подключаем планшет к Интернету через WIFI

You will also need the special OTG cable, but after that the debug will be as simple as possible:

  • plug the modem and wait for detect device;
  • alternately, go to the tab «Settings…» and «data Transfer»;
  • move a virtual lever «Mobile traffic» in the «on»position;
  • then follow through tabs, «More», «Mobile networks» «access Point»;
  • add a new point after learning its parameters from your provider.

After the icon appears 3g Network can be considered available for use.

Wireless network via the computer

If you are unable to arrange the distribution of Wi-Fi on a laptop using operating system tools, it is possible to implement with the help of special installation programs.

Подключаем планшет к Интернету через WIFI

A good purchase in this regard will be:

  • Connectify;
  • MyPublicWiFi;
  • mHotSpot.

They have their differences, but debugging is performed almost the same:

  • run the program and in the Password field specify the password.
  • at the bottom of the tab, select the type of connection;

    Подключаем планшет к Интернету через WIFI

  • in «Sharing Mode» it is best to choose the most secure WPA2, and click «Start HotSpot».

Installation Internet distribution can be considered completed.

Video: Internet tablet

Connect your tablet to the Internet via a WiFi router

PC laptop can easily connect directly via wi-fi router. To do this, check the wireless activity. It is desirable to be included in the DHCP server section of the LAN interface, because it eliminates the constant prescribing work addresses manually.

If everything is functioning you can go to the direct commissioning of:

  • in the special tab, find the desired connecting module;
  • in the window wireless network shifts the slider in the status «on»;
  • click on a section wi-fi connection and wait for the appearance of the list of available networks;
  • choose handed out by your router; if it is protected, there will be a authorization window where you should specify the network name and password.

All the settings are completed by clicking on «Connect».

Подключаем планшет к Интернету через WIFI

Expensive modern tablets are equipped with 3 and 4g modems that enable network surfing without any problems. But such access cannot be called incredibly fast. It significantly exceeds the quality of data transmission with a simple wi-fi. Its interface is present on almost all modern PCs.

Installation of this type of connection can be done in different ways. For home use it is best to configure the laptop in the router mode, and he will «give» there is for other devices. You can connect the tablet directly to the wireless adapter. But the adjustment can be automatic or require manual data entry.

If you have the desire and means, you can buy a portable modem for mobile connections. But we should not forget that this method is not suitable for iPads. In any case, immediately after the purchase of the PC tablets you need to configure the access point. It can help to learn about the benefits hotspotname Internet in cafes, shopping centers and other establishments that we all love to visit.

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