configuring the router Huawei WS319

By | 10.12.2018

Configuring the router Huawei WS319

In the era of high technology, more and more users began to customize various equipment. This also contributes a huge amount of useful and relevant information available in the Internet. Below you can find a detailed review and setup guide for Huawei WS319.

Package router and

The largest maker of networking equipment in China presented at the mercy of consumers once your router WS319. Despite the relative novelty of this device, many providers have started to buy it to connect subscribers.

Interesting: Ukrainian provider Kyivstar is already using it as a router is «default».

This router belongs to the economy segment. Today it can be purchased for 720 rubles (this is the lowest price, relevant to such networks as «the Messenger» and «Euroset»). He is able to compete with such models as the DIR-825 and TP-Link WR841N.

Настройка роутера Huawei WS319

What the user gets for this small money?

  • the device itself (usually black);
  • power supply (standard);
  • the patch cord.

As you can see, the set of the most banal and no additional bells and whistles here. Though it is hardly worth to wait for something at this price. However, many more costly models may not boast the presence of an extensive kit.

Настройка роутера Huawei WS319

We note some positive developments. First, the presence of two 5dBi antennas and 2T2R. This allows the use of wireless networks even in big apartments with no loss of signal quality. In General, this is a standard single-band router running on the Realtek.

Note its characteristics:

  • 32 MB of RAM. As a rule, this quantity is sufficient for simultaneous operation of multiple network devices;
  • five Ethernet ports. Including 4 standard LAN and 1 WAN;
  • support FastEthernet. This provides a maximum connection speed of 100 MB/sec.

Preparation for work

What you need to do before tune? Actually you need quite a bit of effort.

Produce the following manipulations:

  • get the device and the original packaging and ensure completeness of the kit. In particular, verify the presence and integrity of the patch cord (a cord is a small, usually yellow color);
  • then plug the cable from your ISP into the WAN connector of the device (it is only one and is highlighted). Ensure tight fit of connector. Otherwise replace it, as it can lose signal;
  • now insert a patch cord in any of the four LAN ports. The other end must be inserted into the appropriate connector on your computer;

    Настройка роутера Huawei WS319

  • next you need to ensure proper configuration of your network card. If you have used any Internet connection problems will not arise.

If you have problems with your network card, then follow the advice:

  1. the first thing you should make sure that network card is active. Go to device Manager and find it in the appropriate paragraph. If it is not, or is recognized as «unknown device», you will need to install (update driver);
  2. if you have a factory CD with drivers, problems will arise. Otherwise, you can find them using the ID code. You can find it by clicking on the tab «properties»;
  3. if these steps do not yield any results, most likely, there are problems with the network equipment. It is better to consult a specialist.

Input into the settings

So, having dealt with the configuration of your network equipment, you can move on to further action. They are, as a rule, typical for all models.

Do the following:

Настройка роутера Huawei WS319

  • open any installed browser;
  • in the address bar, enter;
  • a window will appear asking you to enter user data. Under username write admin and in password also type admin;
  • this will open the quick setup wizard.

Please note: these procedures are standard and they are for all models of routers.

This simple interface allows you to easily adjust basic settings. It does not need to have special skills.

Настройка роутера Huawei WS319

Connect to the Internet

Now consider how you want to customize the Wi-Fi router Huawei WS319. Just note that it will vary a lot depending on your provider. However, we will discuss all the most popular options.


The first thing to consider working with PPPoE. It is used by many service providers, such as, Rostelecom and others.

Configuration set the following way:

  • put a tick next to «enable connection»;
  • in the field service type select the Internet;
  • type of connection select ip router (PPPoE);
  • down below and the next few paragraphs leave no change.
  • activate the item «always online» by placing a dot in the appropriate field;
  • next, enter user data in the fields username and password. Take them out of the contract from your provider;
  • the name of the service select Internet;
  • in the end don’t forget to click on the save icon to make your changes came into force.

That’s about it. After a few seconds you should receive the active connection. Otherwise, again double-check all parameters, as well as the integrity of the cable.

Video: Huawei Router

Dynamic IP for TTK

Such a configuration is almost identical.

Let us highlight the differences:

  • in the connection type, you need to choose ip routing (IP);
  • addressing IPv4 select DHCP;
  • NAT — set a value of «NAPT».

VPN connection for L2TP Beeline

Настройка роутера Huawei WS319

Here all is slightly more difficult. First you need to create exactly the same connection as in the previous paragraph. It will be used as the internal network. Then create a second connection.

Here’s how:

  • go to the VPN section;
  • activate the «Enable L2TP LAC»;
  • in WAN, you need to specify a previously created connection;
  • LNS address — specify the official server of Beeline;
  • then the input user data from the contract;
  • connection mode set the automatic mode;
  • click the save icon.


Next we will explain briefly about other optional functions. Thus, the described device allows to operate a local network.

This will need to do the following:

  • go to the «Home network»;Настройка роутера Huawei WS319
  • find the tab «LAN interface»;
  • in paragraph ip address need to change the value (e.g.;
  • set the checkbox next to DHCP server.
  • made persistent configuration.

Настройка роутера Huawei WS319

This will create a local network on the basis of having an Internet connection.

How to set wifi router Huawei WS319

To configure high-speed Wi-Fi network, you’ll need to make few simple steps:

  • go to the «home network». There are settings Wi-Fi network;
  • in the SSID field, specify the name of the future network (but not necessarily in English). Click the checkbox next to activate the network;

    Настройка роутера Huawei WS319

  • then I select the any security mode;
  • then in the corresponding field, enter your preferred password.

That’s all. If you did everything correctly, after 10-15 seconds it will start the Wi-Fi network.

Please note: under advanced settings you can set some parameters, for example, to limit maximum power.


Despite its affordable price, this router allows you to play iptv. And it is the «default» is configured on his work. This greatly facilitates the life of the user.

Настройка роутера Huawei WS319

To watch this television standard, you only need to download the appropriate player. You can find them in huge number on the Internet. Moreover, most of them distributed free of charge.

Reset the router

In some cases, you may need to reset all settings (for example, if the user chose a wrong configuration).

This is done as simply as possible:

  • take a pen;
  • find out on the housing of the Reset button;

    Настройка роутера Huawei WS319

  • push it with a pen and hold for a few seconds;
  • the result will reset to factory configuration.

You can also perform this procedure and the web interface. On the main page there’s a «reset».

Firmware update

Some very experienced users are hesitant to update the firmware. This procedure will allow to complete functionality (under certain conditions), as well as to stabilize the operation of the device. When using certain providers (for example, Kyivstar), such a procedure is mandatory.

There are two ways to update firmware: «chip» and software. In the first case, you will need to unsolder the flash memory. We’ll consider a simple method and software, which can handle any user.

You will need to do the following:

  • download the file with the firmware update. Remember that it needs to be checked, as in the case of incorrect system file can cause serious problems;
  • Tip: download the file from the official developer website of Huawei.

  • then you want to connect to our router (just like in normal use);

    Настройка роутера Huawei WS319

  • now open any browser (preferably one that is the default) and type in the address bar;
  • this opens the authorization page. Enter your credentials (login and password);
  • next, you need to go to the update page. Entered on the same line:;
  • click on the button «Browse» and look for the downloaded file. Having found it, select and click on the icon «update». Some time later, the version will change.

That’s about it. As you can see, the main configuration parameters can be set independently and to use high-speed Internet. The main thing to strictly adhere to the above instructions, so have not had to reset it.

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