configuring the router Huawei HG8245

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Configuring the Huawei HG8245 router

Currently, there are several ways to access the Internet. To connect to the network using a USB modem, a satellite dish and fiber optic cable. Connection via cable and router has its advantages. It is a stable signal reception, high speed data transfer and reasonable price. The router is the choice for those who appreciate the reliable transmission of their data. About how to configure the router, and will be discussed in the material.

Router Huawei HG8245, a modern tool for high-speed Internet. Home or office multimedia gadgets that use access internetabout to be connected through the router. Using one of the Huawei HG8245 router you can connect multiple devices. This desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and cell phone. In addition, if you connect the IPTV with this router you can view your favorite TV programs in high definition.

Настройка роутера Huawei HG8245

Optical terminal HG8245 is equipped with 4 outputs for «fixed connection» (LAN) and 2 phone outlets for VoIP. The advantage of this model is the presence of WI-FI. Thus, to use the Internet in your home or small office becomes more comfortable.


   In appearance, this router has a modern design. It is longer and thinner than the previous generation of routers. With a length of 19.5 cm thickness router – 3.5 cm, it will not take up much space on the computer Desk or on the top cover of the system unit. It can be mounted on the wall at the bottom of the device placed mounting connectors.

Настройка роутера Huawei HG8245

In addition to several connectors for communication with the computer HG8245 are equipped with connectors for connecting televizionnogo cable (IP TV), inputs of IP-telephony. In addition, the router can be connected to the backup battery power supply, and USB memory device.


To the router connect two wires: one optical to the Optical input, the second to the LAN connector. When you first connect to Optical Jack connect a cord is not necessary. Next, we need to turn the power on the router by pressing the button on/off switch located on the rear side of the device.

Login via Web interface

To configure your huawei hg8245 router after first turning it on, you need to:

  • to connect to the Internet to make sure that the cable is connected to both devices

    and illuminated button power indicator ON/OFF (POWER);
  • the computer should launch a browser;

    Настройка роутера Huawei HG8245

  • in the address bar type «» and go to the link;
  • after the page is loaded in the «login» and «password» to specify user name root and the cell «password to gain admin;

At the end of the dataset will remain to press the button «login» and go to the web page of the router.

Internet and connection types

On the loaded page «» you need to set all active LAN ports in the appropriate section of the menu (select the checkbox) and save the changes.

After this you should follow the following algorithm:

  • in the tab «WAN»in the column «Modification», select the subsection «Route» and in the paragraph «servicelist» – select «INTERNET»;

    Настройка роутера Huawei HG8245

  • then you select the type of connection. In the «IP Acquisition mode» specify «PPPoE»;
  • at the end of the settings to get access to the Internet, you need to confirm that we mentioned earlier, the LAN ports will be active for the Internet connection and to save the entered data (the button «apply»).

Configuring the router HuaweiHG8245 for Rostelecom

In most modern operating systems when correctly configured the router high speed connection is automatically created.

If not, you can create a new connection through the control panel:

  • you need to choose the control Center network and sharing. To do this, create a new Internet connection, choose «Broadband»;

    Настройка роутера Huawei HG8245

  • then you should specify the user name and password. This information can be found in the contract with the service provider «Rostelecom»;
  • you must also specify the WLAN ID. This number can be found in the technical support provider Rostelecom. If your Internet connection requires you to enter this information, then you should configure a wired connection using the web interface;
  • after entering the data save the information.


If your provider – MGTS, to configure the router huawei hg8245 easy enough. This requires to create a high-speed connection. In addition to the standard way through “Network connections” in control panel, you can create and adjust menu the router’s web page.

This requires:

  • go to the link on the tab «WAN» under «Username» (user name) enter the username that is specified in the agreement with SSA, and in the tab «Password» should enter a password;
  • once activated ports must go to the tab «WAN» and create a new connection. To do this, click «New»button;
  • then in the «Mode» to select «Route»;
  • further, the settings as follows: service list – INTERNET connection type – PPPoE;
  • the fields «username» and «password» filled in using the data contract. The name and code specified in the text of the agreement with the provider;
  • in the section «Blinding options» with checkboxes is necessary to mark the ports that were activated at the beginning of the configuration;
  • in addition, you must specify the identification number of the WLAN; it can be found in the technical support provider to which you have connected;
  • finally, the data must be preserved, possible to restart the computer and then the Internet will need to connect the cable to the connector «Optical».

Video: how to open ports

Enable and configure Wi-Fi

For proper Wi-Fi settings should:

  • when you disconnected the optical cable to go into the settings of the web interface of the router HG8245. There you need to select WLAN (wireless connection) and to enable wireless access to the Internet. For this we need to select the checkbox item «Enable WLAN»;

    Настройка роутера Huawei HG8245

  • in field settings you can specify the network name (SSID name) and the maximum number of simultaneously connected subscribers;
  • for safe operation of the wireless network, you must correctly set the password. It should consist of uppercase and lowercase Latin letters and digits. Experts believe that the number of characters a strong password should be at least ten. The password for the wireless network is entered in the «WPA pre-shared Key»;
  • you should also set the network security key (WPA Group Rekey Interval);
  • other settings can be left default (or fill in the figure);
  • after the data is saved («Apply») you can turn Wi-Fi on the router.


Using the router HG8245, you can view digital channels in excellent quality.

To configure the router for IPTV, you need to:

  • to log in through the browser at To access the settings page you must enter: user name «root» and password «admin»;
  • then go to the tab network settings (Network application). Here you need to enable multicast data. For this we need to put a tick near the item «Enable IGMP» and set search mode – snooping, and then save this data;
  • in the Setup menu WAN (WAN>WAN configuration) you need to create a new configuration by pressing «New;
  • next, in the «Incapsulation mode» choose the connection type is IPoE. For IP-TV need the Protocol version — IPv4;
  • configuration to connect a console like this:
    1. Wan mode – bridge
    2. Service type IPTV

      Настройка роутера Huawei HG8245

    3. Vlan ID — (usaviagracialislevitra)
    4. Binding options — LAN3 (nomerama IP TV)
    5. Multicast VLAN ID — (see tech support provider)
    6. Apply (to Save typing)

Once you have finished entering data, you need to switch to system settings menu («System tools») and save the configuration for digital television, by pressing the «Save configuration».

Настройка роутера Huawei HG8245


Sometimes you need to reset the router to its factory defaults. This is due to insurmountable errors in the operation of the router, not related to the technical component. In some cases, the need to reset arises if the user forgets the password of the router, and there is no way to restore it.

Настройка роутера Huawei HG8245

To reset the settings and personal passwords in the router HG8245 has a button «Reset».

To reset installed configuration, you should:

  • press the Reset button while the router;
  • hold several seconds and release.

You can then disconnect the optical cable and configure the router huawei hg8245 again.

Change the factory default password

Many people know about how important it is to set a strong password on the wireless connection, recently, however, significant security and password router. Knowing his password, the attackers may be more likely to follow the work of the user in the network, steal sensitive data and even block access to the Internet. Therefore, it is recommended to change the factory password set by default.

Настройка роутера Huawei HG8245

To do this:

  • when the router go to the page of the terminal – specifying the details of default: the login is root, password is admin;
  • then go to the tab “Security”(Security);
  • if you change the password you will need to specify the old username and password and then new password and confirm it. To enhance security it is better to use long and complex passwords – 10 characters – letters and numbers.

Firmware update

Modern routers typically used a versatile and flexible software codes that allows you to make changes to the network configuration, easy to change passwords. However, not all firmwares are the same, the router may begin to operate erratically, you may lose access to the Internet. In this case, will the firmware update.

To do this:

  • to know the exact model name and version of your router. This can be seen on the bottom of the router. Data should be used when searching in the browser.
  • to download the firmware to your computer and unpack the archive;
  • to update the firmware of the router, you have to go to the address specifying username and password (the default name is root, password is admin);

    Настройка роутера Huawei HG8245

  • go to the tab of the system settings and select – «update»;
  • specify the path to the downloaded and unpacked the archive and activate the upgrade.

After the upgrade is complete the router should reboot. After updating the firmware of the router settings will be reset to its factory default, so to access the Internet you’ll need to configure the router.

Modern manufacturers of routers trying to configure and use it could every even a novice computer user. On sites to post clear and understandable instructions to the user and the system the quick launch of the device helps to prepare the router to work. The main thing is that the more educated you configured the router, the less failures in the Internet.

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