configuring the router 315bn Upvel UR

By | 10.12.2018

Configuring the router 315bn Upvel UR

Today, more and more ordinary users are trying to work independently with the configuration of various equipment. This contributes to a countless useful information presented in the global network. Besides, the developers try their best to help you work with their creations.

The Chinese maker of networking equipment behind their more popular counterparts. However, this does not mean that he does not bestow the proper quality. We can say that this is one of the most attractive variants of the budget segment. Next, consider how to configure this device.

Connection and preparation to work

Before you set up the wifi router Upvel ur 315bn you need to make a few simple procedures. The first thing you will need to take the device out of the box.

Its functionality includes:

  • support Wi-Fiв standard range (802.11);
  • the ability to play Internet TV;
  • 4 WANпорта with maximum transfer rate up to 100MB/sec. In fairness it should be noted that today most of the providers offer tariffs not exceeding this value. So you should not worry about this restriction.
  • antenna 2 dBi;
  • module wireless network that can operate in the mode of Repeater;

Настройка роутера Upvel UR 315bn

In one word very average device, but it has at least one advantage – low price. In comparison with its direct competitor (Dir-615) it is cheaper by 350-450 rubles, which in our time is very important.

Next, you will need to do the following:

  • to get the power supply and stick it in the socket;
  • plug from the PSU plug in the router;
  • cable from the provider is inserted into the LAN connector. To find it easily – it is presented in a single copy and are highlighted in color (usually yellow);
  • then take out of the box the so-called patch cord, and one end is inserted into the slot of the network card of your PC (or laptop), and the second in any of the available WANпортов;
  • after a while on your computer should appear as an active connection.

    Настройка роутера Upvel UR 315bn

Please note: if it is not there, then you need to check the driver of your network card. You can use the special programs that independently find and install the latest driver for the specified device.

Input into the settings

You got network card and have connected your equipment to the computer. It remains only to open the main interface. This software allows you to easily work with the hardware even completely inexperienced users.

Настройка роутера Upvel UR 315bn

Do the following:

  • open any installed browser and in the address bar (where you would normally write the name of the website) enter;
  • a window will appear to login. Username and password – set admin;
  • a display with a language selection;

The result of these actions, the main menu appears, through which you can easily manage the entire configuration of your router.

Connect to the Internet

Now consider how to specify the settings for the Internet, depending on the Protocol. It just depends on what your provider is. Consider the two most popular options.

Video: set up the router Upvel UR 315 BN

PPPoE for Rostelecom

Rroe is the most popular Protocol today. This is due to the high safety and reliability of such connections. Company Rostelecom, like many other providers, prefers him.

Let’s see how to configure this Protocol:

  • open the tab «basic settings». It can be found in the left of the main menu;
  • a list will appear. In it, select «WAN interface»;

    Настройка роутера Upvel UR 315bn

  • a window will appear with various options;
  • connection type select Rroe;
  • password – the desired set of letters and numbers spelled out in the contract;
  • MTU 1472 exhibited;
  • put a check in the «clone MAC address». Then click on the icon «to Find the MAC address. The result will be the address of your computer;
  • at the end click on the apply changes;

L2TP for Beeline

This Protocol uses not only this but also some other operators (for example, Kyivstar).

Let’s see how to set the configuration for Beeline:

  • go to the main interface. The left side of the screen select the icon «General settings»;
  • in the result list opens, where you should select «WAN Interface»;
  • in the field connection select L2ТР;
  • getting the ip displayed in the dynamic mode;
  • then you take your contract and find the server address (it depends on where you live). These figures are recorded in the item «server Address»;
  • then enter user data (login and password). They are also found in your contract;

Tip: if you cannot find your contract, you can call the operator, calling their passport details (of course, if the connection is furnished to you).

  • now turn our attention to the «specify DNSвручную». Remove standing opposite him tick;
  • the MTU value 1460 exhibited;
  • below you can find seven various items with checkboxes and without. Do everything as shown in the picture below;

    Настройка роутера Upvel UR 315bn

  • That’s about it. In the end will only select save settings to take effect.


This seemingly simple Chinese router allows you to create high-speed LAN. It allows you to connect multiple computers for sharing files and operating system. It creates such a network as simply as possible:

  • in the main menu select «local network»;
  • in the list that appears, select settings. You will see a list of parameters that need to be put exactly as in the picture below.

    Настройка роутера Upvel UR 315bn

Please note: the item «multicast route» are included only in the case if you use IPTV set-top box.

WiFi wireless network

Undoubtedly, the main purpose of routers is distributing a wireless network Wi-Fi. So we will show you how to organize it:

  • in the main interface, go to the item «wifi network»;
  • will open a small list in which you click on «General settings». Here you need to be a certain way to set all the parameters;
  • The SSID is the name of your future wireless network. You need to enter it in Latin letters (digits can be used). It is not necessary in the title to indicate any personal data;
  • next, open the tab «protection»;

    Настройка роутера Upvel UR 315bn

  • select «Authentication»;
  • view a list of the possible encryption methods. Not much difference, but we recommend using «WPA2-PSK». According to statistics, it is most secure;
  • now you click the cursor on the item «your password». Here you will need to enter your preferred password. It needs to be at least 8 and not longer than 63 characters. The use of special characters is not recommended;

Important! Don’t forget to save your preferred password.

Left click save changes. After about 10-15 seconds will appear a new connection. If not, check the integrity of the cable, a faulty network card and its driver (maybe it’s outdated).


Now consider how to implement the option of viewing interactive television. Do the following:

  • connect the console to the LAN port of your router (preferably the right one);
  • open the main interface and go to «basic settings»;
  • next, open WANинтерфейс. It is necessary to put a check next to «Enable IGMP Proxy»;
  • then open the section advanced settings VLAN. This opens a list of available ports, select the one that inserted the console (in our case four). It will be signed by the numeral 3, as in the field of programming calculus begin with zero;
  • selectable bridge;
  • type put – «no tag»;

Please note! If your provider of interactive television delivers traffic through the Vlan, do the following: tags – WAN; VID – enter idVLAN (it can be obtained by calling technical support). Also, in some cases you may need to disable the other LAN ports.

Reset the router

Sometimes an inexperienced user may incorrectly specify the configuration. As a result, the equipment stops working altogether. This situation is absolutely nothing to worry about and there are two ways of resetting incorrect configuration:

  • the surest and easiest – click on the case button Resetи to wait 10-15 seconds. To reach it is difficult, therefore, to use a pen (or something similar);

    Настройка роутера Upvel UR 315bn

  • if for any reason this method cannot be applied (for example, if the button is broken), it is possible to do otherwise, namely in the main interface, find the item «reset to factory settings». The program itself will do everything for you;

Updated the firmware

Especially advanced users may decide to update the firmware. This measure allows to improve the functionality of your device and get rid of some errors and bugs.

It is made in the following way:

Important! For work 4G some operators flashing required.

  • find the file (typically the archive) with the firmware and unpack it anywhere;
  • connect the router;

    Настройка роутера Upvel UR 315bn

  • in the main interface, open the tab «all settings»;
  • next, select «administration»;
  • then «download firmware»;

    Настройка роутера Upvel UR 315bn

  • go to the tab «Update Firmware» and select the unzipped file;
  • in the end don’t forget to click on the icon «Apply»;

To avoid any problems, do the reset configuration (any of the above methods).

As you can see, working with network equipment is not so complicated process. Most importantly, remember that the cost of failure is high. So try to be as careful to set all the parameters. However, you can always reset the configuration to factory standards.

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