configuring the printer to print from computer

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Printer setup for printing from the computer

Correctly configuring the printer, you will be able to receive any text or graphical information on paper in seconds. This process does not take too much time.


Настройка принтера на печать с компьютера

In order to properly connect the printer to your computer you will need to do three easy steps:

  1. with the help of USB cable connect the device to the computer;
  2. connect it to the network;
  3. make the necessary settings.

Connection procedure

To connect the device to the mains, surely everyone can, and this step should not cause absolutely no difficulty. USB cable, usually included with the device, but separately, he also sold. The cable has two ends with different plugs on them. To the computer you need to connect the plug Type A.

Настройка принтера на печать с компьютера

Driver installation

Most manufacturers of pre-sold equipment complement compact disks with necessary drivers and software. Once you have connected the equipment to the computer you need to immediately insert the disc in the drive. Run the setup process and the screen will appear prompts further action and recommendations.

Настройка принтера на печать с компьютера

Modern devices require no installation, you just connect them to the computer and the installation will be performed automatically.

How to do without a driver disk

This situation can be easily found out, but provided that included Internet.

Algorithm of actions:

  • turn on the computer, and wait until the operating system is completely loaded;
  • connect the printer via USB cable and wait for when they host initialization;
  • go online and find the official page of the company website of the device manufacturer. Then click «Support and drivers»;
  • you will see a search bar in it, you must type the exact model name;
  • then select the desired program, select the type, your OS and click download;

    Настройка принтера на печать с компьютера

  • when the download finishes, open the file and begin the installation;

    Настройка принтера на печать с компьютера

  • restart your PC;
  • if after the performed actions the device will also be not available to get started, follow these several actions;
  • start, Devices and printers;

    Настройка принтера на печать с компьютера

  • selecting your device, click on it with right mouse button and select «Use default»;

With these simple steps you will be able to install the necessary driver and proceed to the next step of the installation.

How to set printer to print

Before you start printing, you need to correctly configure the equipment.

You can do this based on the instructions described below:

  • log in to the control panel;

    Настройка принтера на печать с компьютера

  • you will see a window in which you will need to choose the Printers and other hardware;

    Настройка принтера на печать с компьютера

  • you should then select printers and faxes;

    Настройка принтера на печать с компьютера

  • in the appeared window you can see all the devices installed on your computer, select the desired;

    Настройка принтера на печать с компьютера

  • on the left side appear a small menu where you can choose the customize the print settings.

    Настройка принтера на печать с компьютера

For each printer, these settings may be different, but the standard present for all.

Select the page layout, number of pages, paper quality, print mode.

Here are just some of the features that you need to choose. Depending on the model they can vary. Carefully read what is written there and choose the right. As you can see, to configure the printer to print not so difficult, the main thing is not to hurry.

Video: Printer setting, print photo on disc

Changing the default printer

Quite often there are situations when one computer is directly connected to several printers. Of course, each time you print you can select desired device, but it will have to do some unnecessary actions.

For this problems can be find appropriate solution is to make the default printer:

  • log in to the control panel;
  • select printers and faxes;
  • double-click on the desired device and check the box beside use by default.

    Настройка принтера на печать с компьютера

  • if you anticipate that you will often have to perform these actions, the folder printers and faxes can be moved to your desktop.

The test page

After installation, you need to print the first test page. This allows you to check if everything is done correctly. Thanks to a test page to check color and printing. Besides, it will have all information on drivers and printer model. This worksheet need to save, because if you encounter any problems it will be useful.

Desired setting of the router is ZYXEL KEENETIC LITE. Details here.

Print a test page correctly :

  • log in to the control panel;
  • select the desired printer, and point at it with the cursor. Pressing the right button, you will see a small menu from which you select properties.

    Настройка принтера на печать с компьютера

  • in this tab called General and then print test page. If this a new device or did not use them for a long time, you will have to wait a few seconds. Then the print speed will be much faster.

    Настройка принтера на печать с компьютера

After printing is finished, close the page and rate the print quality test page.

Change settings

Some users have a situation where you need to change the settings. They usually are specified on the ports tab in the printer properties window. Here you can change the print type ( landscape printing, etc.), connection port, which connects the equipment. For landscape printing, by the way, is very convenient to print pictures as this is what the page format is more suitable for this.

Настройка принтера на печать с компьютера

As for other settings, such as print mode, print queue, limited time access to the device, this also can be changed in this dialog box.

Printing a document

Creating one or another type of file, no matter what it is the document or photo, sooner or later you will need to print it on paper.

There are different ways by which you can send a document to print:

  • if your computer is running Windows7, then you need to click in the upper left corner of the document;
  • fast. This method is good because it allows you to immediately print the entire document in a single copy. But as sometimes necessary to print only one or two pages then it is not always convenient;

    Настройка принтера на печать с компьютера

  • normal. By choosing this method you will see a window. In it you will be able to choose the number of copies, double-sided printing( printing of a document on both sides of an A4 sheet) and other functions;
  • in order to get certain pages, can number field to specify the desired numbers.

Any, even the most experienced user can easily sort out with these simple steps.

Manage jobs and print queues

Managing print queues, the user has full control on all the documents sent to the queue. To view print jobs and re-send documents at any time. But you can, for example, to send the document to the category selected, this would eliminate the need every time to perform the operation of sending document to print.

Настройка принтера на печать с компьютера

There are three main print queue:

  • direct. They will allow you to obtain a document printed on the assigned printer.
  • safe. All print jobs will each be blocked until you pass the authentication;
  • common. Totally different users can perform the same tasks.

There are times when the document was not printed due to a failure, and you have to get the next one. But the printer persistently will print the first document. You just need to clear the print queue.

This is done simply:

  • go to the control panel;
  • select your printer and click the right mouse button. To see a small context menu where you need to select a row to clear the print queue;

    Настройка принтера на печать с компьютера

  • confirming the action, you can get to work, and print out a completely new document.

The setting of the color print

A color profile is a large set of various commands for the printer device that is written to a file. Many of you have probably seen in the settings of the printing modes are: Matt paper, glossy. Each of these settings holds its own color profile.

Настройка принтера на печать с компьютера

While you will use original cartridges, you won’t have printing problems. All documents and photographs will be of very good quality.

But since it is not affordable for everyone, will have to find an alternative. A color profile is built for the specific printer, paper and ink. This is a very important point which must not be forgotten. Because color is an important point when printing documents and photos.

Настройка принтера на печать с компьютера

From official website you need to download the program Adobe Photoshop and install it. Then find your printer, click the right button and choose properties. You will see a new window where you click on color management. Then choose your device and remember.

Настройка принтера на печать с компьютера

Before you re-open the settings window, on different computers may vary. But overall, you just need to select the options you want and save them. And then just print a test page and see the result.

Installation and printer setup is a simple enough exercise. After analyzing the required information, you without the help of a specialist, can perform all the above steps.

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