configure WIFI router ASUS RT G32

By | 10.12.2018

Configure WIFI router ASUS RT G32

The router RT G32 is designed to broadcast the Internet wireless and wired paths. His setup takes about 5-10 minutes to the experienced user and the novice will have to follow the instructions.

Configuring the router, you can use home Internet with any mobile device without any wire connections. It is enough only to authorize in the Wi-Fi network.

In this article you will learn how to configure your router ASUS RT-G32.

Connecting the router

The package provides all the elements necessary for connection of the router:

  • complete cord (Jack to Jack) to connect the device with PC;
  • power supply;
  • the router itself.

The picture shows all the necessary ports.

Настройка WIFI роутера ASUS RT G32

To connect, you must perform the following steps:

  • plug the cord of your Internet in the port marked «INTERNET» (usually it is highlighted blue faces);
  • a complete cord, you must connect any output of the «LAN» port of the router with the appropriate connector on the computer;
  • mains charger plug in the power connector to the «DC 12V».

Thus, implementing a chain: Internet — Router — PC. Additional will be by a separate power supply.


To access your router ASUS RT G32, open a browser and type in the address bar .

After pressing Enter, a window will appear with the authorization request:

  • Login (User name);
  • Password.

Настройка WIFI роутера ASUS RT G32

To the first set in both fields, you must enter a value «admin». The default is, and your username and password at the same time.

After login you can see the window in which there is a speech about the «IP sharing». If you see it, click On «main page».

In the menu that appears, select the interface language. Language selection is at the top of the page between the shared information and exit from the panel.

Настройка WIFI роутера ASUS RT G32

Internet configuration

This is the main adjustment that will allow the router to receive and send traffic your provider. It will require detailed information about connecting to the Internet.

Most users will prefer to refuse to carry out such an operation and give the money to those who do it for them. Horrific there’s nothing here. But think about whether or not to pay a decent amount for operation, which with experience will not take more than 5 minutes?

If you came to the correct conclusion, and will deal with the matter themselves, refer to General information. In fact, it is small, and therefore easy to digest.

Each provider uses one of the valid connection types:

  • PPPoE;
  • L2TP;
  • VPN;
  • DHCP.

This information is shown in the menu «WAN» (the first paragraph).

After authorization the first step to any type of connection is identical.

Follow this menu chain:

  • «WAN»;
  • «Internet connection».

Here you specify the communication type.

Настройка WIFI роутера ASUS RT G32

The setup procedure is greatly simplified in that case if your provider uses technology with a dynamic IP. If you have this technology, it is enough to specify the type connection «Dynamic IP». Then the router will automatically get access to the Internet.

In other cases, you must follow the instruction. If you are not clear where to get information to fill in the required fields, contact your provider over the phone. It can be placed in your written contract (the account information from your provider).

PPPoE connection (Rostelecom,

In the WAN, for example, the provider Rostelecom, use the following parameters:

  • select PPPoE connection type;
  • in the setting IP address select automatically obtain;
  • connecting to DNS server the same shall be automatic;
  • in the fields of account requires to enter your username and password given by ISP;
  • be sure to enter «rostelecom» below in the «host Name».

Настройка WIFI роутера ASUS RT G32

After entering the data, check with a visual prompt and hit «Apply».

The L2TP connection attempt (Beeline)

After selecting L2TP (L2TP + Dynamic TP) type data transmission Beeline, continue to populate the fields:

  • automatically obtain an IP address (Yes);
  • automatically connect to DNS servers (Yes);
  • enter your username and password for beeline;
  • in the block of the service provider, specify the server;
  • duplicate the server «hostname».

    Настройка WIFI роутера ASUS RT G32

If the information is correct, click «Apply» and try to use the Internet.

Visual table settings match the image above (the Connection of Rostelecom).

Note that Beeline need to specify server and hostname.

PPTP (VPN) when automatically obtaining the local IP address

Specify the communication technology:

  • WAN;
  • Internet setup;
  • the type of connection.


  1. «YES» to the automatic receipt of IP;
  2. «YES» to automatically connect to DNS;
  3. enter the username and password provided by your ISP;
  4. fill Server field.. in the block of the service provider (data specified in the contract or you can check with the provider over the phone).

Настройка WIFI роутера ASUS RT G32

PPTP (VPN) with a static local IP address

This technology does not provide for automatic receipt of data. Because you will have to specify all information manually. As the source use a written contract with the provider.

Proceed to configure the Internet, selecting the appropriate connection type:

  • WAN;
  • Internet setup;
  • the type of connection.

The settings are:

  1. automatic acquisition of IP «NO»;
  2. specify the IP address;
  3. subnet mask;
  4. the default gateway;
  5. DNS server 1 and 2;
  6. specify the login and password for your provider;
  7. enter the name of the Server Heart-Beat or PPTP/L2TP(VPN).

Video: configuring the router

NAT with automatic dynamic IP address (DHCP)

This is the same data transmission technology, which requires no additional information.

The only step in the customization is to specify the connection:

  1. go to the settings menu;
  2. select the WAN connection type Dynamic IP.

Настройка WIFI роутера ASUS RT G32

After selecting, click «Apply» and use the Internet.

Configuring IPTV on the router ASUS RT G32

This manipulation is performed in the case that you want broadcasted to your TV via wired Internet through. It is so much easier than paying separate service channels.

Before the IPTV setup make sure WAN connection is specified, the corresponding port (the port number look under the cord that you stuck for broadcast TV). This item is just under the connection type.

Then go to menu:

  • LAN;
  • Route.

Настройка WIFI роутера ASUS RT G32

Specify all «YES». After a few seconds the TV will reproduce the image.

If the image does not appear, consider a few possible reasons:

  • your ISP does not provide this feature (check with provider);
  • device settings do not match the settings of your TV (which happens rarely);
  • the provider uses a special type of connection.

In the latter case, it is recommended that you configure, follow the prompts for technical support of your ISP over the phone. Each field must be filled in accordance with the settings of IPTV on servers of the provider.


Wireless network setup – the final step in preparing the device to work full time. Exceptions are only additional features of the device.

To install the Wi-Fi network, follow the chain:

  • wireless network;
  • common.

Настройка WIFI роутера ASUS RT G32

There are many fields, some of which are required:

  1. The SSID is the name of your Wi-Fi network (can be any);
  2. selecting «YES» or «NO» in front to Hide the SSID you specify whether this is a visible network of mobile devices when searching.
  3. the country code determines the nominal location;
  4. the channel establishes a flow connection, and if you have a lot of nearby networks is to determine a free channel to avoid interference connection with Wi-Fi (if you have no network, select «Auto»);
  5. authentication method – the security level (WPA2 is the most common);
  6. pre-shared key – your password for the Wi-Fi.

Video: ASUS Wireless Router RT G32

To complete the configuration, press apply and reboot the router. After which he successfully will be handing out traffic wirelessly.

Configuring the connection to the client DC++

With the use of a router in most cases, the problem arises when working with client DC++. This problem is caused by the fact that the function of broadcast traffic is forwarded from the computer to the router. And this complicates the interaction with the torrents.

To resolve this problem, go to the menu:

  • WAN;
  • A virtual server.

Further sync options:

  • «YES» to enable the virtual server;
  • service name – any;
  • the port range chosen independently (for example 3211 or 3333);
  • local IP address corresponds to where you want to run DC;
  • local port – any of the specified range (he must be busy);
  • Protocol – BOTH (you choose both).

Настройка WIFI роутера ASUS RT G32

To complete click add and then apply.

That you have completed the first step. Now proceed to the second.

Sync DC client:

  • connection mode – firewall with manual port forwarding;
  • specify your external IP address in this field (you can find out through the router «System log», «system Status»);
  • TCP/UDP ports – specify the one chosen in pre-configuring the virtual server on the router (the example was specified 3333).

Настройка WIFI роутера ASUS RT G32

After surgery, the problem should be eliminated.

Save or restore settings

Quite often it happens that the device settings lost.

The reasons may be several:

  • accidentally changing the settings;
  • an error occurs in the firmware of the router.

To avoid repeated manipulations configuration, you should use the restore function.

It is necessary to follow the chain menu:

  • additional settings;
  • restore/load/save settings.

    Настройка WIFI роутера ASUS RT G32

Please note! If the firmware of the router is lost, there is a probability that you will not be able to use the admin panel. For such cases, on the back of the device has a button «Reset». It is located deep in the body and therefore need to use a thin object.

Here you will see all three operations are available:

  • restore – will lead to a complete reset and return to factory settings;
  • save – allows you to copy all settings to a special file on the hard disk;
  • download (can be Send) – will help restore saved settings from a saved file.

Do not panic if the settings got lost for some unknown reason. If you have not provided a similar situation for the first time, be sure to do a save next.

Firmware update

The firmware and software side of the device that is responsible for its functionality. Purchased the router may not match the latest version of firmware. But in the update, see troubleshoot problems with their previous versions.

To update the firmware, you should find this file on the official website of the manufacturer. It is sufficient to specify the version of the operating system and download the file.

Then go to router menu:

  • administration;
  • to upgrade the firmware.

    Настройка WIFI роутера ASUS RT G32

In the «new firmware File», click «Browse …» and select the downloaded firmware.

After clicking Send, the router must perform the upgrade and reboot. If reboot didn’t happen, make it yourself.

Important! If you have updated the firmware router have to configure again.

Configure Wi Fi router ASUS RT G32 is quite simple. The manufacturer did a good job with the rendering menu, to make it clear where the required tab. With the help of this approach, you will be able to adjust independently after 3 manipulations.

It should be remembered that the information that is missing in the Customizer one hundred percent probability is in agreement with the provider. Basically, it’s your Login and Password. So it could be the connection type and the server address in the case of non-automatic acquisition of data.

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