configure a router Tenda W308R

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Configure a router Tenda W308R

Configuring Wi-Fi router Tenda W308R relatively simple. But in carrying out this operation it is necessary to consider a large number of different hardware features. Also when connecting you must remember that all operators have their own specifics. Because you first need to visit the official website of the provider and examine all necessary information as detailed as possible.

Connecting and logging in to the web interface

Before you begin, you must correctly connect the router to your personal computer.

This process is carried out in a strict order:

  • unpack the unit (for normal operation required power supply and communications patch cord);
  • connected to the harness 220 (V) – in the back of the device there is a round plug that you must insert the cord into the power supply (the power supply unit is plugged into an ordinary household outlet);
  • connect PC with router patch cord (one end is inserted into the computer’s Ethernet card, the second connector RG-45 on the front side of the device);

    Настройка роутера Tenda W308R

  • included with the router are usually two antennas – fasten them intended for installation place (they are also located at the end face of the device);
  • press the «Power» button on the device.

When all of the above done, you can try to log in to the web interface. It is required for the implementation of the connections Internet connection and also wireless network Wi-Fi.

To enter the interface you want to perform actions in a strict order:

  • open any Internet browser (Google Chrome, Opera, FireFox or even Enternet Explore);
  • in the address bar, enter – window will appear enter your login and password;
  • in the username field write «admin» in the password field «admin».

Настройка роутера Tenda W308R

Subsequently, if necessary, marked with the above login details can be changed, which will require to go to the appropriate section. If for some reason marked above combination of username and password does not work, please reset the installation to factory settings. This can be done using a long thin object in the back of the router there is a recess with a button.

To reset a previously established login and password is required to press in the appropriate place and hold in this position, the object for about 10 s. After this will be set to the factory settings. In particular, the combination of login and password.

Internet configuration

When the router is physically connected to the PC, we can only work with settings to create access to the Internet. For each individual operator parameters are significantly different.

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Megaline, ID Net

The process of connecting the router to Megaline, ID Net is extremely simple and takes minimal amount of time. But before you begin to create a connection directly to the Internet is required to register in the system Megaline.

This requires the following steps:

  • open the form for registration;
  • fill in all the fields present in it:
  1. GUID code (issued directly by the operator);
  2. login and password (chosen by yourself, subsequently you can’t change);
  3. mobile phone and E-Mail;
  4. security question and security answer;
  5. the characters in the picture.
  • click on the «Register»button.

When all of the above done, you can proceed directly to work with an Internet connection.

This operation is performed in this order:

  • go through the web interface in the settings of the apparatus;
  • go to page advanced settings->WAN settings;
  • select the authentication mode – PPPoE;
  • fill in the fields «Access Account» (username) and «Access Password» (password) with corresponding symbols;
  • click on the «OK» button located at the bottom of the page.

Настройка роутера Tenda W308R

If the connection after performing all the above operations is not installed, then you should check whether the total parametry required:

  • VPI — 0;
  • VCI – 40;
  • The Protocol Is PPPoE.

Also, be sure to check spelling of username and password for access.

If necessary, check the DNS server.

They have the following meanings:

  • DNS 1 –;
  • DNS 2 –


Working with such a provider, as Beeline is associated with a large number of different features. The most important is prior training of the network card of a personal computer.

This operation is performed in the following way:

  • click the right mouse button on the icon «local area Connection» — click on «Properties» in context menu;
  • in the «General» tab select «Internet Protocol TCP/IP» — click «Properties»;

    Настройка роутера Tenda W308R

  • set the tick next to «Obtain an IP address automatically» «Obtain DNS automatically Severa»;
  • click on the «OK»button.

When all preparatory operations have completed, you should proceed directly to connect Tenda W308R.

This is done as follows:

  • go to the web interface;
  • open settings advanced settings->WAN settings;
  • specify the username and password in the relevant fields (this information is provided directly by the provider);
  • in the authentication field, select L2TP+dynamic IP address;
  • in the box VPN write;
  • click on the «OK»button.

Настройка роутера Tenda W308R

When all operations have completed, you must restart the router. Only after that, the new settings will take effect.

DNCP connection: what is the difference

Some operators work with a DHCP connection. To connect similar type of work, it is necessary to know some features of his work.

After logging in to the web interface requires to perform actions of:

  1. go to the tab DHCP Server.
  2. open DHCP Server (the names of the two tabs the same);
  3. next DHCP Server to put a tick (translate in position Enabled);

    Настройка роутера Tenda W308R

  4. IP pool start address –;
  5. IP pool end address –;
  6. click «OK».

The settings may be slightly different from the ones listed above – it depends on the specifics used by the equipment provider and many other factors.

Configure a router Tenda W308r for Rostelecom

Setting Tenda W308r to work with the provider Rostelecom is quite simple.

To do this, perform the following steps:

  • to go through the web interface in the settings;
  • open the section advanced settings->WAN settings;
  • to specify a username and password in the relevant fields (this information is provided directly by the provider);
  • select the authentication mode – PPPoE;
  • fill in the fields «Access Account» (username) and «Access Password» (password) with corresponding symbols;
  • click on the «OK» button located at the bottom of the page.

After you have made all settings you can start settings Wi-Fi settings.

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Configuring Wi-Fi

When preparation is completed, the Internet connection, you can begin to enter Wi-Fi settings via web interface.

This is done quite simply:

  • opens the the section called «setting the wireless network»;
  • select the tab «Basic settings wireless network»;
  • put a check next to «Enable wireless mode»;

    Настройка роутера Tenda W308R

  • in the field «Primary SSID» write the name of the wireless network to be displayed in the search window;
  • put a check next to «Enabled» in the item «Broadcasting SSID»;
  • in the window «AP Isolution» put a check next to «Enabled».

Once setup is complete, Wi-Fi, you can immediately access the Internet. Simply enable the device to access the wireless connection on the corresponding device – this can be a tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop personal computer.

Security and protection

Often access the wireless network try to a different kind of attackers. Device Tenda W308R allows you to protect a connection from attacks such users.

To make it simple enough – you just need to open the web interface and to perform certain actions:

  • open the tab «Setup wireless network»;
  • find the section «wireless Security»;
  • in the field «security Mode» select «WPA2-PSK»;
  • in the field «Password» specify the password;

    Настройка роутера Tenda W308R

  • item «Installing WPS» — put a tick next to «off».

It is important to remember that the length of the password should not be longer than 8 characters. Otherwise, the configuration process is complete. You must also remember that the password must be sufficiently complex. The best option is to include in the password of letters of different cases, and numbers.

Router Tenda W308R is a fairly reliable equipment that allows you to successfully access the global network through virtually any operator. Extensive and versatile settings allow you to make the device most convenient. It is only important as much as possible to learn all the nuances of creating a connection.

In any case, no forget to set the access password to the network Wi-Fi. Tenda W308R is an excellent device for allocating resources between a large number of PCs or other devices.

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