Computer will not turn on. What to do

By | 10.12.2018

The computer will not turn on. What to do

Check the computer in the following order:

Warning: If your computer is under warranty, do not open the cover of the system unit.

If the computer is turned on-lights on the system unit and turn the fans jump to step 4.

But if no sign of the computer, check the following:

1. Check the power cable going from the 220 volt outlet to power the system unit on the voltage (with a voltmeter). But if not, then unplug the power cable from the monitor and connect to the system unit.

2. Very often it happens that just the battery BIOS. To test it you need a Voltmeter. Basically, if You have the computer to constantly reset the time, then most likely it is because of the batteries, the computer will not turn on:

Carefully remove battery and replace with the new one. Learn more about the battery, the BIOS read the note, check the battery BIOS.

3. Check the reset button and turn on the computer. Sometimes they are pressed and then not pressed (sink).

4. Remove the motherboard from the system unit, after removing all fasteners, wire, cable. Then connect to the motherboard video card, RAM, power supply, keyboard. To try to run the motherboard, it is necessary to short two pins of the POWER SW on the motherboard. This is the same if you press the power button of the system unit (Your motherboard may be different):

5. Try cleaning the video card contacts with an eraser. You can also scrape it with a flat head screwdriver on the contacts inside the slot of the graphics card.

6. Do the same with memory RAM. Try to put the bar of RAM in a different slot. Use one bar of RAM if You have two of them.

7. Replace the power supply.

8. Pull out and shove back the processor.

9. To reset the BIOS.

10. Check the Southbridge with your own finger. Strong glowing chip of the southern bridge — the main symptom of malfunction.

Next, try to change the video card, memory RAM, power supply, processor. If all else fails most likely a fault in the motherboard (motherboard repair).

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