Computer shuts down by itself

By | 10.12.2018

Your computer shuts down by itself

Spontaneous computer shutdown is a fairly common problem faced by a large number of users. Constantly when working on the computer is shutdown or reboot. Here are the most common causes of computer shutdown, and their solutions.

Your computer shuts down by itself: Possible causes.

Reason # 1: Computer Viruses

If Your computer unexpectedly turns off, then the cause of this can be computer viruses. Computer viruses are the most common cause of an intermittent shutdownor restart of computer systems. As soon as Your operating system will become «infected» computer virus, the computer starts to «fail», hanging out, restart, shut down.

Solution # 1:

Install a good antivirus if You have it not installed. Good antivirus: Kaspersky, DrWeb. Constantly update anti-virus databases. Scan your computer for viruses. To scan for viruses, you can use a free utility CureIt from DrWeba, which is constantly updated on the website DrWeb.

Whenever You connect USB drive to USB port, do a scan drives for viruses. If You use the Internet use special software that will warn You about websites containing malicious code.

Reason # 2: Incorrectly installed software

Decision No. 2:

If You recently installed additional devices or installed any programs then try to remove them.

Reason # 3: the power supply

Faulty power supply is a common cause of shutdown or restart the computer.

Solution # 3:

Try to replace the power supply on the other. Test the computer with another power supply a few days.

Cause 4: the computer Overheating

If your computer shuts down by itself, overheating of the computer may also cause this. If You have a Laptop, most laptops are temperature sensors that turn off the computer if a certain temperature.

Solution No. 4:

There are many ways to avoid overheating your computer. If You have a Laptop, it is best to take it to the computer expert to correct the problem. If there is dust inside the computer, it is necessary to vacuum to blowing dusty place. Then check the rotation of the fan. If the fan rotates is bad, then it must be replaced. You can also change the thermal paste on the processor. Sometimes the CPU and motherboard overheated, if You are simultaneously running many applications . To avoid this, launch apps one at a time.

If none of that helped, try reinstalling Windows.

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