Computer restarts itself

By | 10.12.2018

Computer restarts itself

If Your computer constantly restarts while you work or You see a blue screen before the reboot, to resolve this problem, try the following:

1. Virus scan. Remove the hard disk and check for viruses by connecting to another computer. If You have installed an antivirus and You haven’t updated virus database to your computer could be used by viruses or spyware programs. It so happens that one antivirus finds a virus, and the other not. On the website DrWeb CureIt is freeware utility which allows you to scan for viruses.

2. Check RAM for errors using the free program Memtest.

3. Check the hard disk for the presence of broken sectors using the free utility MHDD.

4. If You before the computer began to spontaneously reboot, installed or updated software, you can try to perform system Restore:

— restart the computer and at the beginning of booting the computer, after passing the POST check, periodically press F8to invoke the advanced options menu to boot Windows:

— click start computer in safe mode and press ENTER.

— if it is loading, then go to START -> PROGRAMS -> ACCESSORIES -> system tools -> SYSTEM RESTORE.

— select restore to an earlier state of the computer and select a control point on the previous day.

5. If You installed any new hardware and the computer started to reboot then the problem is probably in hardware or in software. Unplug that hardware, and try to test the computer.

6. Fans check. If You have a bad spinning or not spinning a fan, it may be overheating, which it cools. Remove the system cover and turn on the computer, check the rotation of the fan. If not the fan is spinning, then it should be replaced. If it is a fan cooling a CPU before install the new fan, you need to change the old thermal paste between the heatsink and the processor chip, because it probably dried up.

7. The power supply unit. Check your computer with another power supply.

If none of that helped try reinstalling Windows (see install window 7, install windows xp, install windows 2000, install windows 98).

Sometimes the computer automatically restarts upon system failure. If you want to disable the automatic restart to see what error the system writes the blue screen, go to record: disable automatic restart on system failure.

If reinstalling Windows did not help, you should seek the cause of the reset devices by elimination of components. Unplug additional hardware without which a computer could operate. Is the network card, printers, mouse, CD — ROM and more. Then test the computer. If everything is fine and nothing is reloaded, you should look for a problem in one of these devices. But if the computer is rebooted, try to change the other device is a video card, hard drive, RAM, power supply, cables, CPU.

If still reboots, then most likely the problem is in the motherboard.

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