computer Performance: effective ways to increase

By | 10.12.2018

Increase your PC performance

The performance of the computer can lead to quite different reasons, and these processes are not always the result of virus attacks or installing malicious applications. The true reason may lie under the clogging of the registry, or because of the savings in operating system a large number of corrupted files.

Such may result in the use of pirated software, the update is not performed automatically. As you know, in the update contains correction of earlier mistakes and other important components that are required for the operating system for better functioning. If some of the above reasons there is not one specific to your case, the webpage may be the result of insufficient maintenance. What to do in this case, next, and try to understand.Производительность компьютера: эффективные способы увеличения

Recommendations to increase performance of computer

This task does not require any special knowledge and almost any PC user, guided by simple prompts, can significantly speed up your computer using the free settings and tools.

Before proceeding to the consideration of matters required PC maintenance, it should be noted that although the viruses on computers are not always the reason for lowering their performance, they are one of the main factors that. So installing antivirus software is must be done immediately after installing the operating system. In addition, do not have to spend money on licensed anti-virus software. Homemade versions of many popular today utilities of this type, 90% will protect your PC from virus and many malware and spyware.

Cleanup and disk Defragmenter

Correct processing of the information processor is carried out only in the presence of hard disk the necessary amount of free space. In cases where a computer full of movies, software, music and other materials, lack of space will reduce the speed of his work. Clean hard drive, you can go to menu, control Panel, and deleting all unnecessary data. Then you need to run the program defragment your hard drive. With the aim of maintaining a high speed PC cleaning and Defrag his hard drive recommended to be performed regularly.

Cleaning and defragmenting the registry

Install any software accompanied by a entry in the Windows registry corresponding record of registration. However, the removal of a sufficiently large number of programs, abrasion with registry data on them does not always happen. This naturally leads to slower operation of the device.

To prevent the possibility of occurrence of such a situation, you can use popular among many users utility CCleaner, which allows you to clean the registry of invalid entries, and hard disk from temporary files that were required to implement in the above example. Follow this defragmentation procedure will significantly speed up your PC.

To summarize…

After reviewing the contents of this article, you will become aware of initial data on how a free to speed up the performance of your computer. It is also important to note that it is not necessary to forget and about a lot saved on the computer files accompanying this process with the phrase «maybe once will come in handy.» Remember to leave the PC need only really necessary files, the more so today, almost any information available on the Internet.

If after performing the steps above, the speed still leaves much to be desired, should pay attention to more complex methods of performance, and both software and hardware.

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