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By | 10.12.2018

Work with computer and operating systems

In fact, computer work is two types of interaction:

  1. Work with the programs. Everything that makes a computer actually do the program. Music plays program player photos shows the program – «viewing images», the documents are printed and edited in text editors and so on.
  2. File. On the other hand all your data: music, photos, documents, etc. – for the computer only files – i.e. a piece of some information, and your function as a user to learn this information store through the file system and used by programs.

The main difference between computers and between the computer files are stored and what programs can work on it, is what operating system is running on this computer.

Let’s name the main of them:

  1. Windows. This is a paid operating system. Very widespread, for various reasons. The Windows were originally installed on many models of laptops and branded computers. Do not think that Windows got there for free. Laptop with Windows for a few thousand rubles more expensive than the same model without Windows.

On a vast number of computers have an illegal (pirated) copy of Windows. Theoretically, the work of pirated Windows is no different from legally purchased. But on the other hand, do hacking free hackers also will not be, and their benefits may be and in the introduction of a virus into hacked their program.

Windows are installed in most organizations. Firstly because of ease of administration, but You as the user do not care, and secondly due to the fact that the majority of users, but Windows never saw anything, and the installation of another operating system will be linked to the need for staff training, which is associated with additional costs and falling productivity.

Работа с компьютером и операционные системы

Many programs can only be run in this operating system, so if You need to use specialized software designed just for Windows to use a different operating system is not likely to happen. But do not forget that for a regular set of programs there are versions for all operating systems

There are many versions of this operating system. Now common the following:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  1. Ubuntu. This is one of the few free operating systems. This system has only one drawback: the game, released for Windows in this operating system will not work, so if you’re an avid gamer – this system is not for You. Otherwise it’s beautiful.
  2. MacOS. It’s an operating system installed not computers from Apple. Works well, but expensive. The disadvantages are the same as in Ubuntu: games, released for Windows will not work.

Be sure to determine what operating system is installed on Your computer, as work in different operating systems varies considerably, and a program for working with documents on different operating systems are different.

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