Computer hangs

By | 10.12.2018

The computer freezes

There are several reasons due to which Your computer may hang. The computer freezes means that Your personal computer has stopped responding to the keyboard or mouse.

And only a computer restart helps in this case. This article describes the different causes of crashes and their solutions.

Overheating of the processor

With the use of the computer inside the system unit, heat is generated and dissipated around with fans. So if the fan is not working properly, your processor may heat up more than the permissible limits.

The reason for the fan failure can be accumulated in the dust. Check the fan and if it is not spinning, then change it to the same. You should also check the thermal grease. If the thermal paste dries, then lost a good cooling of the processor.

Using the program Everest to see the temperature of CPU, motherboard, hard drive, graphics card.

Computer maintenance

If the computer does not overheat, you should check the software. Constantly we install various games, programs, applications. But when we remove some files created during installation remain and clog up the Windows registry. In order to execute a registry cleaning you can use a free utility Ccleaner. You should also defragment the hard disk.

Virus scan

Computer freezes can be caused by a computer virus. Such viruses as Trojan horse, can slow down the operation of your computer and thus it hangs. Check for viruses using the free utility Cureit, which you can download from the site You should install antivirus and constantly update it. Good antivirus: Kaspersky, DrWeb.

Check RAM

Check Your RAM for errors.

Check the hard disk

Check your hard disk for bad sectors and Smart errors.

If none of that helped try reinstalling Windows (see install window 7, install windows xp, install windows 2000, install windows 98).

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