Computer hangs when booting Windows 7

By | 10.12.2018

Computer hangs when booting Windows 7

Many PC users often face a problem when booting windows 7 hangs on the logo, ie, the download goes fine to a certain point, after which the operating system (OS) falls into a «stupor» and is in «feelings» only after pressing the Reset button.

There are many reasons that lead to this phenomenon, among which we can highlight the 5 most common. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Possible causes and solutions

  • virus programs are the main cause fatal changes in «OSes»;

You must use latest anti-virus scanners that will help you detect and remove PC malware and spyware. If the antivirus does not help, then manually complete the suspicious processes in the registry and in the startup, then find and remove all suspicious files from your hard disk.

Компьютер виснет при загрузке Windows 7

  • stop runs can occur when the banal overheating of the processor and chipset;

The failed cooler, old thermal paste, clogged with dust, the heatsink is able to stop the PC in mere minutes. When the system boots, use one of many utilities to check the temperature regime of the CPU, VGA, chipset.

If the cause of overheating, and cooling functions, but clogged with dust, need to clean PC using compressed air or vacuum cleaner.

  • problems with RAM also often lead to unplanned shutdowns when running the OS Windows 7;

Among the problems most often RAM, heat, and a defect, in consequence of damage to the memory module. Unfortunately, the last type of problem can be detected only by testing.

Компьютер виснет при загрузке Windows 7

Recommendation of experts: in case of overheating, the use of special heat sinks, which significantly reduces the risk of failure of RAM. If this doesn’t help – replace the device. Factory defect RAM module can «resurface» even after long-term use of memory.

  • the descent into «a stupor» PC when running «OSes» often occurs due to mechanical, electronic, logical, or hardware and software failures in the hard disk drive;

To detect malfunction of the hard drive using the test by running the utility in Windows 7 or using third-party software. Extraneous sounds are often harbingers of problems of «speed» . With the appearance of strange noise and clicks in the «hard» need to make a backup of its contents and be ready to buy a new device.

Компьютер виснет при загрузке Windows 7

  • sometimes, the cause of the «braking» of the computer in the initialization period of the device are incorrect settings or an outdated version of the BIOS;

Most often, it happens that once installed on an old motherboard with new components. In the BIOS may simply not be on them. The decision in this case is quite simple: initially to restore factory defaults or update the BIOS.

Sometimes you can solve a problem of hangup of the PC at startup, rollback to the checkpoint, which creates a system.

You need to have a boot disk and perform a few simple steps:

  • restart the PC and go into BIOS. Depending on the manufacturer, the key input may be different, most often it is Del; F2; Esc. In order to accurately determine the key input, it is necessary to refer to documents supplied to the system Board;
  • change the boot priority. For this it is necessary to proceed to BOOT, then you need to go to the menu item Boot Device Priority;
  • select the item 1st Boot Devise and confirm by pressing Enter. In the popup window Option, highlight the drive and press Enter. After this procedure, the PC startup will be made with this device;
  • exit that menu, then hit Esc, then Exit after you Enter, and then confirm saving settings by pressing the key Enter;
  • insert a CDROM drive with «OS» or boot disk and reload;

You can then move on to the procedure the system restore checkpoint.

Configure the registry to identify the problem of hang

In order to be sure to identify what process stops the running OS, you must make a small adjustment in the registry entries.

This can be done by booting with the command prompt by typing: regedit.exe.

Компьютер виснет при загрузке Windows 7

  • in the left part of the window that opens select the folder KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, then, open SOFTWARE, in this directory, locate and open the Microsoft, then Windows;

In this directory you must find and open the CurrentVersion, then Policies, and finally System;

  • opening the System note on the right side of the window;

It must find a file with Verbose Status. Open it and tab put a value of 1; (default value is 0)

Important! You should know that the desired file in the registry may not be. In this case, you must create it. Click on empty space in the right side of the window, click the Create menu, and then DWORD (32-bit). Set the file name VerboseStatus with a value of 1.

  • then the registry you can close and restart;

In the end, when you run the OS you will see the downloadable service and system processes. What she stalled – and is the cause of all ills.

Video: windows 7 Hangs at startup

Work with the BIOS settings

Disabling procedure often helps to get rid of the hangs the machine at boot: often – but not always. Sometimes crucial role played by the settings of the BIOS, changes which almost always lead to crash of the PC.

What you should pay attention:

  • timingi RAM. Exposing the wrong settings stop PC almost 100%;
  • the speed of the system bus;
  • the speed value can be changed, so some overclocker-lovers, make changes in the BIOS to improve the performance of the machine. Incorrect speed value may cause the system to freeze;

    Компьютер виснет при загрузке Windows 7

  • the multiplier of the processor;
  • change this setting unchanged procedure when overclocking the CPU. An incorrect value may cause unresponsiveness of the PC.
  • power design CPU. The value is changed to reduce the current consumption of the processor.

Panacea – a reset to factory settings.

Disabling devices

Suppose, according to the report, the system went into «hibernation» when loading the driver CLASSPNP.SYS.

In order to find out the work which device is responsible for this driver, you can try alternately to disable in the BIOS the components of your PC:

  • enter the BIOS upon initialization of the equipment, by pressing DEL; F2; F1; Esc; depending on the manufacturer;
  • go to the tab Advanced;
  • look for Integrated Peripherals;
  • next you will see a list of integrated devices, which in turn must disable by changing the value of Enabled to Disabled;
  • then, exit the menu tabs and save the changes.

    Компьютер виснет при загрузке Windows 7

Finding the component, which leads to the fact that Windows 7 hangs on the logo when booting, you can install a discrete device in an expansion slot on the motherboard.

Important! In case of replacement of the device, the PC may not boot «OSes», displaying on the monitor screen information about the error. To overcome this you should again go to the system I / o, go to the tab, Halt On, and choose No Errors. Tab Halt On Errors should be set to None. Now PC will boot even on fail.

Reset to factory settings

To reset the settings to the «factory» in several ways, the most common of which are:

  • reset directly from the BIOS;
  • with the help of taking out the battery from the motherboard;

In the first case, you should go to BIOS and select Load Fail-Safe Defaults. After that, answer Yes to the question about resetting the settings and save the changes. After the automatic reboot, the changes will take effect.

Компьютер виснет при загрузке Windows 7

The second way, the most simple:

  • obestochte PC;
  • remove the cover from the system unit of the computer;
  • remove the battery from the motherboard;
  • after 15-30 seconds, insert the battery into place;

Therefore, the parameters will be set to default, ie factory.

Video: Install Windows 7 + versed in BIOSe

Install a new version of BIOS

In some cases, the BIOS may not provide adequate support for all components of the computer due to an outdated firmware version.

This causes them to malfunction and braking Windows 7 at startup:

  • the upgrade is a download on the official website of the motherboard manufacturer the latest version of the BIOS on the flash drive;
  • then, log in to the system I / o and select update. Depending on the manufacturer it may be BIOS Flashback; Instant Flash, etc.;
  • run the utility, select the update file and wait until the end of the process.

    Компьютер виснет при загрузке Windows 7

Important! During the update process do not turn off the power of the PC. This can lead to damage to the motherboard.

The described methods allow to solve effectively the problem of freezing the computer at startup. If you think that the above methods do not suit, or performance has not been restored, then by all means contact the service center where the solution to the professionals.

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