Computer for twenty five dollars, it’s gaining popularity

By | 10.12.2018

The market appeared a computer for twenty-five dollars

On the European continent appeared in stores the Raspberry Pi computer. Its value is astounding. She is only twenty five dollars.

This computer is a small fee. In size it is comparable to a credit card. In the device there is not even the case. The weight of the cheapest computer in the world is only forty-five grams. It is equipped with the ARM processor in the seven hundred megahertz. It is possible to attach headphones. And use memory cards.

Компьютер за двадцать пять долларов набирает популярности

The Raspberry Pi is a «Junior» model of the corresponding series developments. If we talk about older models of the Raspberry, it is a little more expensive, thirty-five dollars, and appeared on store shelves one year ago. These two models have some differences. The Junior model during the work uses thirty percent less energy. It has memory two hundred fifty six megabytes, which is two times less. In addition, it has one USB port, while older models two.

Initially, the Raspberry Pi computer was created for educational purposes. It was planned that it will be used exclusively for the training of students in Junior and middle school the basics of programming. However the product became popular among consumers. During the year the implementation of a computer exceeded one million copies. The initiator of the developing device became a British charitable Foundation.

For computer created a separate distribution. Also, the app store, where you can download free software for the device, or to purchase paid apps. The computer was actively used to create media centers, its popularity is due to its extremely low cost.

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