Computer does not boot

By | 10.12.2018

The computer does not boot

This guide will help You repair or to identify the reasons why the computer does not boot.

1. Check the connection of all contacts, connectors, power cables. Maybe just fell off a wire.

2. There are several reasons due to which the computer may not boot. Here they are:

— incorrect BIOS settings,

— corrupted boot files, operating system

— the hard drive broke,

viruses on your hard disk

— incorrect connection of the hard disk.

3. If the computer does not turn on, check the power supply of the computer.

4. Check for a faulty motherboard.

5. Fix the boot sector using the installation CD of Windows. To do this:

Insert the startup disk. Check in the BIOS to boot from CD. Boot from the disk. With the emergence of a window how to set, press R. the recovery console, type FIXBOOT and press ENTER. Then in the console type FIXMBR and press ENTER. Then restart the computer.

6. Check your BIOS settings. To enter the BIOS at the very beginning of booting the computer press the Delete key or F2 (to enter BIOS). In the BIOS You need to check is determined whether the hard disk. It is usually located at Primary Master.

If the hard drive is not detected check the connections going to it: power wires and cables (it is necessary to disassemble the system unit).

7. Check the hard drive. Check your hard drive on another computer. If it is defined and visible to Your partitions, then try to change Flex cable.

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