Comparison of antivirus software 2014

By | 10.12.2018

Comparison of antivirus programs of 2014

The attackers are trying to break in your operating system to read private information you have stored in the computer. Their task is to make sure that you download and run a malicious file. Here they do an excellent job, masking the virus file under some kind of useful program.

So that you can install yourself a virus pests need to sweat in order to bypass your antivirus program. The latter, in turn, are constantly updated and usovershenstvuetsya.

Consider the selection criteria and the leaders of 2014.

The principles of choice of antivirus

There are many different criteria that determine the best defender.

What he should do:

  • secures;
  • complex work;
  • unobtrusively notify;
  • be updated frequently.

    Сравнение антивирусных программ 2014 года

You need to experience:

  • user-friendly interface;
  • high speed;
  • the ability to customize.

Another important point – the question price. There are free and paid versions. In 2014 they competed side by side. Therefore, here the choice of each individual.

Most importantly, the virus was caught before he could harm. But producers of antivirus software, insist that they do an excellent job with this task. Everything is relative. So, let’s begin.

A comparison of the components of the anti-virus software

The search for the virus at each stage of the work, meets the appropriate component. As a rule, several of them.

Сравнение антивирусных программ 2014 года

Main components:

  • scanner – checks files upon user request. Run it to check existing files and newly received.
  • the monitor intercepts requests when starting new programs. Checks them and, if it’s safe, allows the user to continue to work.

Important! You must check if your antivirus monitor. The only way he’ll be able to check everything that you discover, and operate in automatic mode.

  • auditor changes – track changes in system files. When detected, the antivirus will immediately notify the user.

The scanner runs on demand, monitor constantly checks for new information in real time. The third component operates in automatic mode, constantly monitoring the behavior of the protected objects.

For the best protection

If to speak about the protection and clean up, convenience, functionality and speed, we get unexpected results.

Сравнение антивирусных программ 2014 года

The winners for the protection of steel:

  1. G Data;
  2. Bitdefender;
  3. BullGuard.

It is impossible not to highlight user preferences of Russia:

  • BitDefender;
  • Norton;
  • Kaspersky;
  • AVG;
  • Avast.

Comprehensive independent testing has shown the following results:

Сравнение антивирусных программ 2014 года

  1. Norton;
  2. ESET;
  3. Kaspersky;
  4. AVG;
  5. Qihoo.

As you can see, the figures vary slightly, but leaders all the same. It’s safe to mention Bitdefender, Norton and AVG. The last – the leader among the free programs.

Best performance

When testing for performance takes into account many different factors.

Сравнение антивирусных программ 2014 года

Select the main:

  1. speed run the main window;
  2. the use of RAM at rest;
  3. the use of RAM during scanning;
  4. the duration of a scan;
  5. the duration of archiving and unzipping;
  6. copying data from disk to disk.

Again, the results from different laboratories are different.

Leaders quick and effective:

Сравнение антивирусных программ 2014 года

  • Norton;
  • Avira;
  • ESET;
  • AVG;
  • Panda.

Compare free antivirus 2014

In 2014 free anti-virus software showed a high level of reliability. At the same time, is reliable, but requires considerable resource consumption (comodo).

But there is a compromise option Avast gives a good protection for the average user. While AVG showed good and quick result, but could not resist the powerful hacker attack.

Сравнение антивирусных программ 2014 года

And Dr.The Web gives a good result. But it is recommended to run in addition to the main program.

Let’s look at to compare anti-virus 2014, table. Here are relatively a free program.




Kaspersky Anti-Virus

  1. reliable protection;
  2. constantly updated;
  3. Russian.
  1. free can only work six months;
  2. can slow down your computer.

Dr. Web CureIt

  1. does not require installation;
  2. high scan speed;
  3. effective verification;
  4. does not slow down your PC;
  5. Russian.
  1. check only on demand;
  2. you need to do is download the software.


  1. high scan speed;
  2. regular updating of the database;
  3. Russian language support.
  1. not very friendly interface for novice user.

Panda Cloud Antivirus

  1. effective security;
  2. quick setup;
  3. quick start;
  4. the intuitive interface.
  1. slow


  1. very high speed;
  2. a huge database;
  3. a wide variety of settings.
  1. often produces false alarms;
  2. many consider it not reliable.


  1. good security;
  2. clear interface;
  3. a wide range of settings.
  1. often freezes;
  2. sometimes slow;
  3. hard to set Russian language.


  1. quick setup;
  2. loyal to the system requirements.
  1. free only 14 days;
  2. in free mode, requires manual updates of the database;
  3. slows down your computer.

As you can see, each has its pros and cons, so the user must rely on its resources, needs and values. Next, consider the paid version.

Video: TOP 5 free antivirus 2014

Pay protection program

For more reliable protection, better to spend money on the paid version. Here is more safety, more features, capabilities and technical support.

However, pay package is also not give guaranteed protection. Although all manufacturers claim otherwise. It also has its own pros and cons.

Сравнение антивирусных программ 2014 года

Take a look at 5 popular leaders, according to experts and users:

  • Bitdefender is not popular in the Russian market, while pet advanced users. Demo version – 30 days;
  • Kaspersky is old and known to all. Constantly being improved and is not inferior to different innovations;
  • Norton has intelligent protection 4 levels. Previously when scanning has slowed down the computer, now there;
  • NOD32 – for many users, this is the most popular option;
  • BullGuard is a Scandinavian company providing PC security. All its products are easy to use.

The table presents the main advantages and disadvantages. This makes comparison of enterprise anti-virus 2014 more intuitive:





  1. high protection;
  2. stability;
  3. always in the first lines of the rating;
  4. constant updating;
  5. high speed test.
  1. does not support Russian language;
  2. not immediately clear interface;
  3. no cloud technology.


  1. a high level of security;
  2. works fast;
  3. pre-checks the site the link;
  4. blocks unwanted content.
  1. high cost;
  2. a lot of weight;
  3. slows down your computer;
  4. requires disabling all programs during a full scan.


  1. reliable protection;
  2. clear interface;
  3. quickly installed;
  4. minimum settings;
  5. updated regularly.
  1. leave your data in the registry after uninstalling programs.


  1. good security;
  2. blocks ads;
  3. prevents attack by hackers and fraudsters;
  4. block spies.
  1. high cost;
  2. not completely removed;
  3. long check;
  4. misses the viruses.


  1. reliable safety;
  2. early detection of the pest;
  3. continuously scans memory and disk;
  4. do not miss the spam.
  5. clear interface;
  6. the constant updating.
  1. small icons;
  2. dark interface;
  3. unpopular.

In our review you can not leave without attention of leaders on individual criteria. So, the absolute winner in the General criteria was BitDefender.

Сравнение антивирусных программ 2014 года

Its components:

  1. cloud antivirus;
  2. bilateral firewall;
  3. parental control;
  4. antispam;
  5. phishing;
  6. safe search.

Main functions:

  1. encryption;
  2. backup online;
  3. the web dashboard to control;
  4. protection in the social.networks;
  5. optimization of the system.

In second place is a paid Kaspersky, and the free Avast. The most convenient and easy was NOD32 and utility of Dr. Web.

And the most reliable parental control from Kaspersky:

  • antibanner;
  • antispam;
  • secure payments;
  • optimized performance.

The budget option was Avast, he was always loyal to the wallets of consumers.

Сравнение антивирусных программ 2014 года

This Avast offers:

  1. firewall;
  2. the virtualization system;
  3. remote management from any device with Internet access.

We have reviewed many anti-virus software. Identified leaders in various categories. Compare their positive and negative sides. It is worth emphasizing that not one of them protects the system at 100%.

Therefore it is better to install a program that will track getting the virus. And periodically run a scan and use the utility to check the already existing pests.

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