Cold war between Google and Microsoft

By | 10.12.2018

The cold war between Google and Microsoft

According to the current post in the legal blog of Microsoft, in this situation there is no improvement. The publication says that «Google continues to prevent Microsoft to release a full-fledged YouTube app for Windows Phone». Google doesn’t want to grant access to the API, which provides access to data and content, video hosting, and in the case of MetroTube app, for example, the search giant is forcing developers to find workarounds.

Some time ago Google announced about the termination from January 30 to support ActiveSync Protocol for Gmail (which Microsoft uses in Windows Phone to sync with the mail service) to transition protocols, which are currently not supported by mobile platform from MS. Moreover, in mid-December, Google announced that it will not create versions of their apps for Windows 8 and WP8. Apparently, between the two companies flared up this «cold war», which is likely in the future will grow into a large antitrust lawsuit.

But whether Google is «the dark side» in this conflict? The Verge published the opinion of one author that surprised by the reaction MS after his unsuccessful attempt to «push» as an alternative to Gmail, instead of introducing it supports the necessary standards, as did Apple. In fact, both the company misbehave, playing for the user, as on a chessboard, but what remains at stake billions of dollars?


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