Cloud-based service from Microsoft will predict the future

By | 10.12.2018

Cloud service from Microsoft will predict the future

Облачная услуга от Microsoft будет предугадывать будущее

Cloud platform Azure is a key component in the future strategy of Microsoft – not only as a place to store information, but also as a medium for software operation of large companies. Recently, Microsoft announced that it has made a huge leap in machine learning technology, and will deliver this service in Azure.

Machine learning usually controlled at the local level, as it requires significant resources from scientists and engineers. Thus, the process of preparation and placement algorithm for training is expensive. But Microsoft think they have found a way to significantly reduce these costs.

Next month Microsoft will release a preview version of the cloud services Azure Machine Learning, with which companies can deploy solutions for forecast analysis.

Due to the long cycle of development and testing, Microsoft managed to make a machine-learning tool is easy to use.

The company will be able to use the service to predict future by using existing data – for example, large organizations can use the sales history, and various factors to predict the demand for its products.

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