cleaning the notebook from unwanted programs

By | 10.12.2018

Cleaning the notebook from unwanted programs

Buying a new computer with a fresh install of the operating system, we wonder how quickly and well it works. All programs are set up and displayed instantly, the system tray is not clogged with notifications, no system errors and sudden reboots.

But is it worth inadvertently download and install unknown software, as it all disappears. Everywhere pop-up advertising messages, changes the start page of all browsers and on the desktop there are shortcuts that may have to do with the fact that we have loaded.

Чистка ноутбука от ненужных программ

So you should be extremely cautious to any content downloaded from the network. Special attention should be paid to free apps. During installation, do not rush to click «next» and «finish» and carefully read what is written, and remove pins with unnecessary options.

But over time, the computer or laptop inevitably accumulates a large number of software and files that lie dormant and only eat system resources. So from time to time it is necessary to carry out regular cleaning of the OS.

What does the cleaning

First, the clean frees up space on your hard drive. Removed unnecessary and unused files that clog up your system and slow down its work. In addition, deleting unnecessary FOR frees some memory.

Чистка ноутбука от ненужных программ

Each application occupies a certain space in memory, and if the new process is started, its volume is not enough, some processes are migrated to virtual memory on the hard disk. Naturally, with this complicated access to this data, and this leads to a slowdown of work. Due to clearing in the RAM will run only the necessary processes.

Cleaning is possible manually or automatically:

  • Manual mode. To clean the laptop from unnecessary programs and files manually, you can use the built-in OS tools, such as the master of uninstallation of the Windows. The registry cleaner has a built-in editor. The manual approach allows you to approach the cleaning process with caution, carefully looking through the trash before you delete it.
  • Auto mode. To perform purification with the press of a button, you need specialized software.

The advantage of such funds is thorough and complete deletion of unnecessary data. So, in one fell swoop to fix the registry, uninstall programs and clear browser cache.

Video: clean system disk

Master uninstall Windows

To use this masters in Windows 7 or 8, you need to:

  • log-in control panel;
  • go to «Programs» / «Uninstall». This opens a list of only installed on the laptop;

    Чистка ноутбука от ненужных программ

  • select unwanted software and click the button «uninstall/change»;

    Чистка ноутбука от ненужных программ

  • the wizard starts. He needs to give the go-ahead, he began to do its work. Click «Uninstall», and after a few seconds the software will be removed.

    Чистка ноутбука от ненужных программ

The disadvantage of this method is – that there is no possibility to batch delete. For example, when installing iTunes happens simultaneously installing multiple products: «bonjour», utilities, software compatibility. But deleted all of them separately. When heavily infested system, this process may take a couple of hours.

Besides, the disk still remain part of the programs, and register the appropriate records. Therefore, it makes sense to use software specifically designed for these tasks.

Help other programs

On the Internet you can find a lot of utilities for cleaning garbage from your laptop or desktop PC. The most convenient of them are, Revo Uninstaller. This utility is available in two versions: a limited free version and a professional, in which there are no restrictions.

However, the second also works for free for 30 days. It is fully compatible with all Windows OS since XP. Its interface is quite simple and straightforward.

Чистка ноутбука от ненужных программ

After startup immediately displays a list of the installed software. You can select any unnecessary or multiple (hold down the Ctrl key) and click on the button «remove» or «quick removal».

In the section «Tools» you can use the most advanced cleaning:

  • browsers cleaner;
  • startup Manager;
  • cleaner Office;
  • cleaner unnecessary software and much more.

Advanced Uninstaller .This utility is similar to Revo functionality and allows for good clean up of the OS.

In the section «General Tools» the following options are available:

  • uninstalling software;
  • managing startup;
  • quick cleanup;
  • cleaning the menu «start».

    Чистка ноутбука от ненужных программ

In the section «Internet Browser Tools» you can clean all the browser from the unwanted items, unused add-ons and temporary files.

Special attention deserves the section «Registry Tools».

Here it is possible to optimize the registry, clean it or restore (if necessary). Have the opportunity to remove duplicate and temporary files.

Also, there is a button automatic checks. Just click on it and the tool will do everything itself.

How to clean my laptop of unnecessary programs utility Ccleaner

Free cleaning utility Ccleaner also useful to clean your laptop from trash. It is very simple and effective. It also has built-in protection against malware.

Чистка ноутбука от ненужных программ

A utility has high speed and is capable of scanning for installed applications on the subject of unused data. However, the use of it is very carefully, since the lack of experience can erase important components of the operating system, such as drivers.

The utility has the following features:

  • deleting saved browser data (cookies, history, temporary files);
  • cleansing the clipboard content, system log, the contents of the Basket;
  • the registry cleaning feature;
  • destruction of files created and no longer used by other programs;
  • uninstalling software;
  • management startup.

    Чистка ноутбука от ненужных программ

After a simple setup in the system tray POPs up a message saying that Ccleaner will monitor the status of the PC in real time and will alert you in case of need of cleaning.

Cleaning HDD

When the utility starts, you can immediately proceed with the garbage from your hard disk. In the left part of the window there are two tabs with a large set of options Windows. Here you can choose and add on removing items that are included or generated by the operating system. So that the user didn’t delete anything important, the utility chooses the recommended option.

By default it will remove:

  • all stored data built-in Internet Explorer, which can take several gigabytes of disk space and significantly slow down your laptop;
  • shortcuts to recent documents, cache of sketches and lists for quick access;
  • the contents of the recycle bin and clipboard, temporary files, log data.

App. On this tab you can not be afraid to put a checkmark in any option as it will not damage the system.

For cleaning is recommended:

  • close any open browsers and click the «Analyze» button. The scanning system will take place quickly (a few seconds), then displays a list of all the useless items that you can destroy;
  • to do this, click «Cleanup». This process takes 2-3 seconds.

    Чистка ноутбука от ненужных программ

Cleaning up the hard drive over, you can proceed to the next step.

Registry fix

Many novice PC users get scared hearing the phrase «registry fix». It is not surprising, as it is a complex tree, with many branches and a large number of parameters. Allowing a mistake when manually editing can ruin the entire operating system.

But with the utility all the procedures are safe and do not require deep knowledge from the owner of the laptop.

All that is required of him is:

  • run the program;
  • go to «registry»;
  • to click on the button «Search problems»;
  • click on the «Fix»;
  • confirm the fix.

    Чистка ноутбука от ненужных программ

The program will create a backup, and if there are any problems you can roll back the changes. But in 99.9% of cases is not a problem.

Service and setting

Ccleaner in addition to deleting files and registry optimization is able to:

  1. to remove;
  2. manage startup;
  3. wash your local disks;
  4. search and destroy duplicate files.

These features are available in the section «Service».

In the last section of «Settings» can be controlled by the tool itself:

  • manage your schedule and cleaning routine;
  • update;
  • to select the desired files, adding them to the exclusions so you don’t accidentally delete;
  • to monitor the operation of the system, and then automatically clean it up for her.

    Чистка ноутбука от ненужных программ

All this is more than enough to keep the laptop in good condition.

To clean a laptop or desktop computer from unused data and garbage software not only possible, but necessary. Which method to choose: manual or automatic — you choose. Fortunately, it does not take much time, thanks to the free utilities that do their job quickly and accurately.

The most convenient of them is the Ccleaner. Its interface is clear and simple. She’s a huge opportunity: both cleaning and setup. Any operation, whether it’s finding items or their removal, is fast, in seconds.

Also worth praise and Advanced Uninstaller, for its convenient automatic daily check the state of the computer (Daily Health Check). It works quietly but efficiently.

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