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By | 10.12.2018

Cleaning the keyboard in a laptop

Most laptop owners are negligent enough to clean the keyboard. So nobody is surprised sticky keys, the space between which is filled with dust and crumbs.

The result of this carelessness is always the same – failure of the keyboard or even the entire device. At risk are primarily laptops because the keyboard is integral part.

The laptop dirty keyboard

Many people mistakenly believe that to get rid of dirt only need cosmetic surgery.

But the blockage of the housing can cause a number of problems, among which the most common are:

  • «ceasing» buttons;
  • the failure of the keyboard;
  • breakage of internal parts;
  • overheating laptop.

At the same time careless cleaning can also result in damage to the device. However, it is easy to prevent, if you adhere to the advice below.

Очистка клавиатуры в ноутбуке

How to clean keys

Often to clean the keys using specially designed tools. These include cleaning fluids, wipes and brushes. Swipe need for the key, the brush will help remove dust and dirt between the buttons. Thanks to these devices to clean the keyboard on a laptop at home not only fast but good quality.

But with the right approach, the surface can be cleaned with improvised means. The best cleaning agent is diluted isopropyl alcohol (common can damage the paint of the keys). It can be used to remove even persistent dirt.

Tip! Do not overdo it with cleaning fluid, it is in any case should not drip on the contacts between the keys.

Очистка клавиатуры в ноутбуке

Special brush to clean the computer can be replaced with a soft paint brush with a long NAP. Some of them use a knife wrapped in a rag. As for napkins, instead they are encouraged to use any cloths made of nonwoven material.

In addition, keys should be regularly cleaned with soapy water. This is not so they stay moist. They need as quickly as possible to wipe dry. Also the surface is convenient to clean with cotton swabs.

Video: clean laptop keyboard

Cleaning from dust and dirt

First you need to understand what needs cleaning mechanism, superficial or deep. The first button clears the space between them, and the second helps to remove dust from the contacts, which may eventually settle on the internal devices. The more you carry out a superficial cleaning, the less often you need deep.

Очистка клавиатуры в ноутбуке

To clean everyone can. To start is to turn the device and shake out its contents. A more efficient process of purification will make the road cleaner or a device for cleaning furnishings. To use them should be careful not to accidentally tear off a key.

Очистка клавиатуры в ноутбуке

You can use a can of compressed air or, in extreme cases, the usual Hairdryer. Note that the canned air comes out under high pressure, which allows a good blow of dust that is deposited on the contacts. When using the first, try not to inhale the contents. After the procedure is completed, ventilate the room.

Очистка клавиатуры в ноутбуке

Deep cleaning will require a lot of effort. The device would have to spin. The keys can be detached from the housing by using a table knife or screwdriver. While we must act with caution, otherwise you risk to damage the ribbon cable that connects keyboard with motherboard.

Not less important correctly re-assemble the keyboard. The main thing here to put all the keys in the correct position. It will be easier to do if before the procedure to prepare the photo. Some buttons can have metal bases, so before you install them, make sure all parts are installed in specially designed grooves.

But remember, if you decide to completely disassemble the mechanism, it is possible that you will not be able to exchange it under warranty. And in General buttons of the computer not be replaced so easily, especially the Enter and spacebar.

How to clean your laptop keyboard against spills

The specialists of service centers to assure that every 3rd failure laptop, is somehow connected with the spilled liquid.

Очистка клавиатуры в ноутбуке

To avoid serious problems, you need to act correctly in the first seconds after the incident:

  1. in order to avoid short circuits, switch off the device from the socket;
  2. turn the computer over and empty as much fluid as possible;

    Очистка клавиатуры в ноутбуке

  3. blot remaining liquid with cotton wool and dry the housing with a Hairdryer. using a Hairdryer, set it to high performance and turn on the cold air.

    Очистка клавиатуры в ноутбуке

If liquid is spilled a lot, you should disassemble the unit completely or separate keys. After removing the buttons, wipe the surface first with isopropyl alcohol, and then dry sponge. In addition, you should be ready to replace the protective membranes. If the body has suffered from the drink, you will need a special detergent.

This procedure does not require special knowledge and skills. But to avoid more serious damage you should consult with qualified service personnel. They will diagnose the computer, and then checks the condition of the contact paths. The oxidation of the latter, requiring replacement of certain parts.

Clean the laptop regularly need. This simple procedure, in fact, is a mandatory preventive operation to extend the life of your computer. In addition, immediately after cleaning, you make sure that the mechanism began to work better.

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