Clean the computer from unnecessary programs

By | 10.12.2018

Clean the computer from unnecessary programs

Today the field of IT-technologies has grown and is progressing rapidly. Because very often different preset services become obsolete and not in demand. Many PC owners simply forget about them, leading to the emergence of various conflicts in the operating system. This could be the reason that the PC will run slower.

Why and what gives you the cleaning

The Windows operating system has many advantages, such as friendly interface and easy installation of various additional applications.

But this simplicity often leads to a real problem: frequent installation leads to «littering» of the OS. When the number of different unnecessary information in the registry and on the hard disk reaches a certain limit, the PC starts to work unsatisfactorily.

That is why diagnostics of the operating system required. It allows you to eliminate unpleasant moments arising in the presence of a large number of redundant data and useless entries in the registry.

Очистим компьютер от ненужных программ

Such moments include:

  • long Windows;
  • the inability to install updates.
  • there is some «slowness» in the process of performing various demanding tasks.

Clearing your hard drive of unnecessary information, which can greatly increase the performance of your PC. Often the increase is more than 50% (in neglected cases).

Ways to remove

To remove unnecessary and outdated applications can be a variety of ways. You can use any of the tools from third party developers.

Очистим компьютер от ненужных программ

The most popular and well-established yourself are:

  • Ccleaner;
  • Glary Utilites.

Also, you can use standard tools to clean Windows. They are equipped with all modern versions of the OS.

Such tools to clean out all these «traces» are:

  1. Disk cleanup Windows;
  2. Control panel;
  3. Regedit – registry editor.

First and foremost, if you use the standard tools needed to remove the excess application using control panel. One of its sections is entitled «Installation and removal» gives the opportunity to do this correctly as possible.

After all is done, you need to launch disk cleanup. And if you have the necessary knowledge service Regedit, cleaned the registry.

Video: clean PC software

The Windows tool «disk cleanup»

To perform manual cleanup is quite difficult, so often the majority of users use such a service as «disk Cleanup».

To use this feature, you must perform the following steps:

  • click «start»;

    Очистим компьютер от ненужных программ

  • in the search field, you must specify the name of the required function – «disk Cleanup»;
  • the standard OS search will find several options, select the correct;
  • by double-clicking the desired item.

After running for the start of the operation of Stripping should be done in a specific order of actions:

  • select – most often it is denoted as «C» and click «OK»;

    Очистим компьютер от ненужных программ

  • next will be the analysis of the data present in the partition, this process is automatic and no user-intervention is require;
  • when the analysis is completed, the monitor will display a window where you will need to choose the types of files that can be deleted;

    Очистим компьютер от ненужных программ

  • carefully having studied the entire list, the user needs to determine which documents and other information he will need, and only after that you should push the button «OK»;

    Очистим компьютер от ненужных программ

  • after clicking the «OK» button the service again I ask, are you confident in the correctness of the chosen actions, and then start erasing the junk files.

This feature also provides the user an automated way of finding and uninstallation of long-unused apps.

To perform this action you must:

  1. open the tab «Advanced»;

    Очистим компьютер от ненужных программ

  2. click on «Clear»;
  3. PC search have not used the data and will prompt the user to uninstall;
  4. when the user clicks the «OK» button starts the erase process.

Control panel

Quickly clean your computer from unnecessary programs by using the other standard features present in the operating system. This can be done through «control Panel». It can easily be detected with a special section called «Programs and features».

This can be done in the following way:

  • click «start»;
  • find the «control Panel»;
  • in the window that opens, find the shortcut called «Programs and features», click on it.

    Очистим компьютер от ненужных программ

Sometimes it happens that a label with the same name simply does not. In this case, you should change the way of viewing.

This can be done in the following way:

  • find in the right side of the screen a drop-down list titled «View»;
  • clicking on it, select the item called «Small icons».

    Очистим компьютер от ненужных программ

All the elements in the panel are not sorted by category. Each service or application will be equipped with their own label. After all the above operations have completed, you can proceed directly to removal.

To clear the PC from unnecessary and obsolete data, it is required to do the following:

  • click on the shortcut to «Programs and features»;
  • in the opened window using the mouse cursor select the desired item;
  • click on the button labeled «Remove».

This will start the standard uninstall procedure, the user will only need to constantly click «Next». The removal of the above-described method is optimal for performing cleaning, as when using other methods often remains a large amount of debris.

Correct cleaning the computer from unnecessary programs in Glary Utilities

One of the most popular utilities for removing unnecessary applications, and just to clean the OS is Glary Utilities. She is a real harvester, which is equipped with many different and very useful functions. You can use them as much as possible correctly to get rid of all accumulated over the years of garbage.

Очистим компьютер от ненужных программ

Uninstall programs

To run the uninstall application in the present utility is very simple. You do not even need to be an experienced or an advanced PC user. Enough to be able to run the utility from the shortcut on the desktop and click a couple of buttons. The interface is very user-friendly and intuitively understandable to anyone.

Execute the uninstallation is as follows:

  • run the utility via the start menu or the desktop;
  • in the opened window you should find a menu «Modules» and click on it;
  • then click on the option called «uninstall Manager»;

    Очистим компьютер от ненужных программ

  • a separate window opens containing a list of all applications present in the OS;
  • select course interested in the item and click «Remove».

The process started by user, runs in automatic mode. All keys and registry entries associated with the removed application are deleted. Clean-up is often then simply not required.

Search and delete duplicate files

But when you use this utility it happens that the files are not completely erased. Therefore, the developer provides the search duplicates. In addition, this feature enables to detect on your hard disk copies of the files, you need only one instance.

Очистим компьютер от ненужных программ

To search for duplicate files, you must perform the following steps:

  • run Glary Utilities;
  • find the section called «Files and folders»;
  • click on the second from the top item called «find duplicates»;
  • the automatic search will analyze the discs, and then the entire list of the duplicate data will be displayed.

Очистим компьютер от ненужных программ

Subsequently discovered copies, you can simply delete it using Glary Utilities. Just select the required checkbox and click «delete selected files». This way you can not only clean out unnecessary information from your PC, but also release a large amount of hard disk space.

Remove programs using Ccleaner

CCleaner is one of the most popular utilities to remove this junk from the computer. You can use it as quickly as possible to fulfill the uninstall, and perform this process correctly as possible. Subsequent cleaning is not required.

Erase unnecessary applications is as follows:

  • run Ccleaner;

    Очистим компьютер от ненужных программ

  • in the right part of the window that opens choose «Tools»-> «Delete»;
  • the screen will display a list, the cursor allocated to the desired item;
  • click «Uninstall».

After performing all the above steps will start the process of Erasure. Thus, in just a few clicks, you can easily get rid of the presence in the system of garbage using Ccleaner.

Cleaning your computer from various debris and unused data should be carried out periodically. The intervals between individual checks should be selected based on the intensity of computer usage. If continuously diagnose your computer, you can very easily avoid all sorts of problems: performance degradation, or other similar.

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