Clean cookies in Opera 12

By | 10.12.2018

Clean cookies in Opera 12

On any computer holds a massive amount of information, making it more comfortable, but at the same time representing a threat to both device and to the user.

With the active use of the Internet computer very quickly clog, as all the visited pages, viewed all files, documents, etc. will inevitably leave its mark in the memory of the PC. As a result, your computer will boot longer than usual, often gives crashes, does not open some files. You are nervous and irritated.

This can be avoided if timely and regularly clear cookies. What it is – cookies, and how to clean the cookies and cache if you have installed the browser Opera 12?

What are cookies

Cookies – a word borrowed from the English language. Indicate it the text files that store the different information about your computer. Here records all your actions: move through web pages, various settings, etc. the next time you start your browser, this data is automatically used – for example, if it was the username and password for registration on any browsing the Internet becomes faster and more convenient.

Cookie – a text file that stores information about all your activities on the Internet

But, in addition, that stored information to a large extent, clogs the CPU and affects his work, the stored data can fall prey to computer fraud and burglars. So sometimes to clean cookies not only need to adjust some settings, but also for their own safety.

Remember! After cleaning to restore deleted files very difficult, and only by true masters, and serious programs. At the same time, the more time has passed after cleaning cookies, the harder it is to remediate. Cautiously choose the information which you really need to erase, and only then press the delete button.

Ways to remove

There are several different methods of how to clean cookies in Opera 12. This:

  • with the help of software cleaners, like CCleaner. Such programs need to be downloaded and installed, by default, they are seldom available in different browsers;

    Чистим куки в Опере 12

  • an individual method manually.

Some users are afraid to go into the browser settings, obviously, so as not to accidentally damage important data, because I use applets.

But if you want to delete only some certain information will be more reliable to use individual method.

Чистим куки в Опере 12

The individual method

If you are going to clean the cookies manually, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. launch your browser, in this case is Opera 12. Enter the menu and select the item «Settings»;

    Чистим куки в Опере 12

  2. in settings, locate the following paragraph – «Delete private data». Log in, find the button «detailed configuration» and click on it;
  3. you will see the entire list of cookies. Next to those you want to delete, place a checkmark;
  4. if you want to delete only one cookie, find and mark only.

You only have to click the bottom button «Delete» all marked files will be deleted with one click!

Чистим куки в Опере 12

At the top you’ll also see a button «Manage cookies…». If you click it, you will see a menu where you can select «delete cookies in Opera».

Video: cookies in Opera

Remove all

If you firmly believe that there is no valuable information for you, or suspect that you are hacked all the time, you can delete all the cookies without having to choose individual.

To do this:

  • start your browser and repeat steps 1 and 2 described in the previous section;
  • check the boxes next to «delete session cookies» and «delete all cookies» from the list that appears;
  • click «delete».

Everything is now fully all previously saved data and information are removed from computer memory.

Чистим куки в Опере 12

How to clear cache in Opera 12

The cache is also in every computer. It contains the option copy all to download from the Internet. When a new connection from the cache is loaded not all information but only that which was changed and updated. It saves negligible traffic and speeds up the processor. But from time to time you need to clean up the cache.

This is done thus:

  1. repeat steps 1 and 2 above;
  2. look in the menu under «Clear cache» and mark its checkbox;
  3. click «Delete».

So just to clean the cache and cookies for Opera 12.

Чистим куки в Опере 12

You can make such a summing up: brush from time to time the computer memory, delete unneeded files needed. This can be done in several ways, completely removing all information, or only selectively.

If you do not risk to go into your browser settings, you can take advantage of special programs. Success!

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