Clean cookies in browser

By | 10.12.2018

Clean cookies in browser

Every Internet user at least once, but faced with the concept of cookies, often referred to as– cookies. But certainly, not all clearly understand the meaning of this word. Therefore, I propose to investigate, why they are needed.

What are cookies

A cookie is a small file or data set. This information is stored by the server each the browser after the user has visited a particular web resource.

In this file are:

  • data password and user login;
  • personal settings;
  • attendance statistics.

Чистим куки в браузерах

As soon as the user visits a particular web portal from your browser is sent the relevant information to the site server containing the data file. Thus, the visitor identificireba in the system.

Also pay attention to the validity of these files. They can:

  • have an expiry date;
  • to be the default.

In the first case, the files are stored in the browser on an ongoing basis. They can be removed:

  • only after it has expired its duration;
  • force user.

Common information that they can harm your device, as are computer programs. However, it is no more than a myth. A cookie is a just a set of data that is stored in text format. Similar files do not cause absolutely no harm to your computer.

The user can be sure that they will not be able to act independently.

This can happen only with:

  • a variety of programs that can transmit information;
  • viruses.

Cookies also are not able to interact with data stored on the laptop and transfer them to other devices.

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What is needed

This is to use the Internet has become much:

  • more convenient;
  • easier;
  • comfortable.

Thanks to this set of information a user is authorized to a specific portal or forum.

In later times, when it is to visit this same website, he will not have to re-fill the fields with:

  • login;
  • password.

Чистим куки в браузерах

Through this information, visitors to the online portals have the opportunity immediately to save their personal settings on different sites. Thus, one has only to visit the resource once and make the appropriate settings, then on subsequent visits the data will be set in automatic mode.

Why clean

Along with all their beneficial qualities, these files can come with some inconvenience.

Among them are the following:

  • using your computer, laptop or tablet, an outsider can visit the sites, using personal data of the owner;
  • a large number of text files that are stored in the browser take up space on the hard disk, thus, litter the device and the program to access the network starts to run slower;
  • a stranger with this information will be able to learn the move history on the Internet.

Чистим куки в браузерах

Due to the fact that these files are saved personal data of the owner of the computer, many users have the idea to turn them off permanently. This is to prevent the browser to save the settings. A program to access the network allow for such operation. However, there are downsides. When you disable auto save, can shut down access to sites that require you to have cookies enabled.

Cleaning cookies in the browser

The only correct solution to this problem is to periodically delete the cookies in your browser. Understand in detail how to clean the stored data in different browsers.

Chromium (Google Chrome)

To clean cookies in the browser googlechrome you need to spend only a little time and perform a few mouse clicks:

  1. for this you need to get into the program menu, this tab is located in the upper right corner of the window;
  2. select the item called «History», it can also be done by pressing the key combination Ctrl+H;

Чистим куки в браузерах

  1. then click on «Clear history»;

Чистим куки в браузерах

  1. in the opened window it is worth noting the desired items;

Чистим куки в браузерах

  1. to perform all of the actions click on the «Clear history».

Opera (Opera)

To clear the files in the Opera should be guided by the following recommendations:

  1. to get into the browser menu, click on the logo of the program;
  2. in the menu, you need to click on the button ‘Settings’;

Чистим куки в браузерах

  1. then, you should go to the tab entitled «Privacy and security»;
  2. next, click the «Clear history»;

Чистим куки в браузерах

  1. in the window that has opened before us, specify the desired period and take note of the points;

Чистим куки в браузерах

  1. then click «Clear».

Yandex (Yandex)

The program to access the Internet Yandex allows users to personally customize the handling of cookies.

It is necessary to observe following recommendations:

  1. the first step is to get into the program menu;
  2. clicked the «Settings»section;
  3. scrolls the new window to the «Show additional data» and click on it;
  4. then go to the unit «Protection of personal data»;
  5. next, click on the tab «content Settings»;
  6. select the desired processing option in the «block cookies»;
  7. so the changes took effect click «done».

Чистим куки в браузерах

To get rid of saved information, you need to do the following:

  1. the first step is to click on the «Menu» button of the program;
  2. after that, go to the tab «Advanced»;
  3. find the section «Clear history» and click on it;
  4. if the objective is only clearing the data, is from all points to remove the checkboxes, leaving only «cookies and other site data»;
  5. pressing «Clear history», the settings take effect.

Чистим куки в браузерах

To quickly get to the «Clear history», you can press Ctrl+Shift+Del.

In addition, the program Yandex you need to delete or block cookies through the pages.

To do this execute the following:

  1. go to a specific Internet portal;
  2. click on the right button of the mouse.
  3. in the opened menu select «page Information»;
  4. after that, you need to go to «Show cookies and site data»;
  5. on the screen should appear a new window where a list of all the cookies page;
  6. note necessary;
  7. then you should press «Block» or «Remove».

Чистим куки в браузерах

Safari (Safari)

To clear data in Safari you need to do the following:

  1. to get started go to the program menu;
  2. from the available list, select the item «Reset Safsri»;
  1. after that the screen shows a new menu in which you want to mark only the line «Remove all these web sites»;
  2. next, click «Reset».

Чистим куки в браузерах

Internet Explorer

To clean cookies in Internet Explorer should:

  1. simultaneously press Ctrl+Shift+Del;
  2. then, in the «Remote browsing history»;
  3. then, select «Temporary Internet files and web sites», thus it is necessary to make sure that the other options are not marked;

Чистим куки в браузерах

  1. click on the «Remove».

How to clean cookies in Muff (Mazilla FireFox)

Consider several options for handling cookies in Firefox Muff.

To accomplish this task you need to:

  1. open a browser to click the Alt key;
  2. to the user should appear in the program menu;
  3. after that, go into «Tools» and click on «Settings»;
  4. get into the «Privacy»;
  5. in the tab «History» of all of the submitted list of check boxes string «use custom settings for history»;
  6. then worth noting is the option called «Accept cookies from sites»;
  7. in addition, you need to choose «Always» under «accept third party cookies»;
  8. under «Keep cookies» are encouraged to select and mark «prior to the expiration of their actions»;
  9. after that, apply the settings, click OK.

Чистим куки в браузерах

To perform these adjustments should be guided by the following order of actions:

  1. in mazile you press Alt;
  2. on the screen appears a menu where we find «Tools»;
  3. then get into «Settings» and then to «Privacy»;
  4. in the «History» section stops in the paragraph titled «use custom settings for history»;
  5. then click on the «Exceptions»;
  6. after that, it is advisable to enter the web address of the web portal and select from the suggested:
  • «Block»;
  • «Allow for session»;
  • «Allow»;
  1. Close.

Чистим куки в браузерах

Delete cookies in Ctrl+Shift+Del:

  1. at the same time hold down Ctrl+Shift+Del;
  2. the screen shows a window titled «delete recent history», it is recommended to determine the period for which will be remotely files;
  3. in the list of «Details» you should choose only one option «Cookies»;
  4. «Delete now».

Чистим куки в браузерах

Thus, we understand what is meant – cookies. Also defined the basic functions that they perform. In addition, in detail dealt with the problem of removing cookies in the most popular programs to access the Internet.

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