Black promotion

By | 07.04.2016

For a quick website promotion thickets commonly used methods of black optimization and website promotion. Judging by the title — they are illegal, which means you risk to fall under the ban filters or search engines. However, many optimizers use it black advancement. Worse yet, as a rule, the client remains blissfully unaware of the fact that the site is promoting black methods, and therefore the site gets into the danger zone. So you can be sure that if your site is banned, it is the one who promoted your website and is the author of this situation. Black promotion methods is a simple search engine deception, violation of their license to search. Black methods banned by search engines to use and are a search engine spam. Sites unwinding using such techniques almost always fall into the ban — a ban compulsory indexation of all pages of a site by search engines.

If you can make a difference with the promotion — discard the black methods. But if this is your conscious choice, my advice to you is to register two domains and one of them is used for insurance. Let it be a small but decent site with unique content, preferably updated. Maybe it will be a blog like the easiest and cheapest option. most importantly, to promote this site does not use the black methods and then, after being hit in the ban of the main site, and it will get there, rest assured you will have a working site.

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