What is website promotion

By | 07.04.2016

Every website owner is inevitably confronted with the promotion of the site. The only difference is that someone can understand SEO jungle itself, while others prefer to contact the company, which will be engaged in the promotion of the site. Then it is likely that you will find yourself in such a jungle that will be difficult to get out of there.

As they say criminologists seek to whom profitable, that is, look for motive.

As you know, any company whose services you use — has a motive other than yours. You want your site to be in the TOP search, preferably with minimal financial losses and risks. For your secondary payment.

CEO of the agency wants to make a profit as high as possible and get it as long as possible. The result for the SEO companies only chance not to lose a steady income.

The most interesting thing starts at the moment when you find yourself in the top search engines.

Search engines Yandex and particularly resemble her husband. That is, he is lying on the couch with a tablet and if sometimes looks to the left, but a good wife always comes back. That is the site Advanced correctly and efficiently get into the top Yandex and make sure that he was gone from there — quite difficult. Some time is necessary in order that the result was fixed, but it needs considerably less money, well, to maintain the results then you have even less. The more you are interested in good content, interesting events. And supports the advertising will be much more effective than soy methods.

But if you are progressing well agency that you give every month about 150,000 rubles. That is, the two months you give as much worth a profitable business franchise.

However, it is unlikely you will be able to pick up and leave. So how exactly does SEO team monitors your site. So first of all you should consider the concept of agency, to get maximum information about the promotion of sites that you can not cheat.

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