ChrisPC DNS Switch is a simple and fast switch between popular DNS servers

By | 10.12.2018

ChrisPC DNS Switch – simple and quick to switch between popular DNS servers

All aspects of the Internet clear not everyone, but the world wide web based on certain technologies, some of which should know every Internet user. One of them is the domain name system (DNS). Simply put, when you type in the browser address bar the address of any resource ( for example), the DNS service of your ISP converts it to understandable to computers, the Internet Protocol that defines how data is moved from point A to point B.

Most people use the DNS provided by their Internet service provider. However, if the DNS server your ISP will have a problem, you can always change it to another, for example using a tool such as ChrisPC DNS Switch. This is a program for Windows that carries a huge list of presets from the popular DNS servers, any of which you can switch instantly. The application also allows you to specify a custom DNS.

Changing DNS can help resolve multiple issues with Internet access. For example, this can access access sites that are blocked by your ISP. And sometimes changing DNS to a more reliable (OpenDNS or Google DNS) provides more speed and security.

After installing ChrisPC DNS Switch in the system tray of your system icon will appear with which you can switch between the DNS – you just have to click on the icon with the right mouse button and select the submenu «All DNS Presets».

ChrisPC DNS Switch – простое и быстрое переключение между популярными DNS-серверами

To access the main interface of the application, you must select the option «Show DNS Switch», or double click on the icon in the notification area.

In the main window primary and secondary DNS servers can be specified manually. If this option you not suitable, simply open the drop-down menu of the «DNS Preset» and select one of the available servers. At the time of writing this review, ChrisPC DNS Switch offers more than 30 different DNS servers, including OpenDNS, Google, Commodo, Norton and Yandex.

ChrisPC DNS Switch – простое и быстрое переключение между популярными DNS-серверами

After you specify DNS, you must click on «Change DNS» and then select «Yes» in the confirmation window. If you need to undo changes, you just need to click on «Restore DNS».

ChrisPC DNS Switch enables you to add your own presets. To do this, go to the «DNS Database» and select «Add DNS Preset». Then just specify the necessary parameters. In this section, you can edit and delete existing presets.

ChrisPC DNS Switch – простое и быстрое переключение между популярными DNS-серверами

In General, ChrisPC DNS Switch is a quick and convenient way to switch between multiple DNS servers. The program is free and supports all versions of Windows operating system.

ChrisPC DNS Switch from the developer’s site

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