Choosing the right keyboard at yourself

By | 10.12.2018

Choosing the right keyboard under itself

Выбираем правильную клавиатуру под себя

Often users do not give the keyboard a special value, buying it at the residual. This position is logical: if the input device exclusively for work, it will work on any hardware. But once is enough to work with a quality keyboard to understand that the difference between the two devices exists.

Selection rules

The first question you have to answer – mainly for what purposes you will use the keyboard. What are you doing at the computer most often? Playing, typing, listening to music under the specific tasks selected type of equipment. You have the following options:

  • Classic keyboard – a common input device, which has no additional blocks of keys.
  • The game is aimed at gamers, so it has additional functionality configurable keys, rubberized surface frequently used keys, wrist rest.
  • Multimedia keyboard for home use, equipped with buttons control volume and launch specific apps (video, browser, music player, etc.).
  • Ergonomic keyboard for people who have mastered typing. Great for fast typing, because its leaf is divided into two parts, angled to each other.
  • Compact (for laptops or media centers) – equipment for control of «smart TVs». Usually equipped with a touchpad, so it can be used as a replacement of standard input devices on a laptop.

The second important point is the connection interface. To find a keyboard with PS/2 interface you have now is unlikely to succeed, so if you choose a wired device, it will connect via the USB port.

Выбираем правильную клавиатуру под себя

Wireless models work with Bluetooth or radio. With the unit comes with the receiver which plugs into the USB port of your computer. The main disadvantage of wireless devices is the need for additional power, so you’ll have to frequently change the batteries.

Выбираем правильную клавиатуру под себя

In addition, the radio operates on the same frequency as Wi-Fi, with the result that sometimes there are failures of communication. Especially often such problems arise when the exploitation of cheap wireless devices.

Design keys

The keyboard is divided into several types on another base – construction keys. We can distinguish the following types:

  • Membrane – high keys, protection against ingress of moisture and debris.
  • Scissor – structure, which is commonly used in laptops. Low keys that allow fast typing.
  • Mechanical – outwardly looks the same as a membrane keyboard, but not protected from the ingress of dirt into the case.

Remember these names are not necessarily the design of the keyboard and the key travel is recommended to choose empirically, trying different models «to the touch». So buy a better keyboard in a regular store, not through the Internet.

Выбираем правильную клавиатуру под себя

Testing the keyboard in the store, pay attention to whether it is convenient to lay hands. Well, if you have a wrist rest, fixed or removable, then hands are less tired.

Additional keys and possibilities

If you are watching multimedia or gaming device, then pay attention to the extra keys. It is important not the quantity but the functionality. If you work with audio or listen to music constantly, make sure to have control keys and change the volume.

Выбираем правильную клавиатуру под себя

On some models of multimedia keyboards have a block placed under the buttons to control the browser. Return to the previous page, refresh, close, start the search – all of these functions users typically perform with the mouse, so the special keys of the browser is almost not needed.

In contrast, buttons to start individual applications can be useful. Word, Calculator, Excel – if you are constantly working with office applications, then quickly get used to include them with the keyboard.

As for gaming keyboards, the attention should be paid to programmable buttons. They are assigned a combination of keys that allows the game faster to apply certain skills (e.g., combos).

Выбираем правильную клавиатуру под себя

Various additional features like touchpad, integrated USB hub, backlight and audio ports, each user selects on the taste. If the touchpad, for example, is unlikely to be useful on the computer, the backlight or the audio can do the job a little more comfortable.

Virtual (touch) keyboard

Physical input devices will soon be history, but we must admit the fact that the sensor captures the digital world, offering users to control smartphones, tablets, laptops and monoblocks with only one finger.

Even if you have a regular computer, you can use instead of a physical keyboard, the virtual input device. This opportunity is for Windows XP and all subsequent versions. Your on-screen keyboard is present on Linux and Mac OS.

Выбираем правильную клавиатуру под себя

In Windows XP and «seven» to find the on-screen keyboard in the start menu under «Special programs». In Windows 8 and Windows 10 touch keyboard can be added to the notification bar.

Using the virtual input device is no different from the interaction with the physical hardware. If the screen does not support touch input, pressing the keys made the left mouse button.

The on-screen keyboard (no touch input) is rather an emergency tool that helps you quickly collect the required information in case of failure of a physical device. If the display supports touch input, you need to connect a normal keyboard disappears.

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