Choice of RAM

By | 10.12.2018

The choice of RAM

At this time, there are two types of memory, dual-channel(DDR2) and triple channel (DDR3). Memory modules DDR3 with greater capacity ( max. 19200 MB/s) than DDR2 memory (max. 9600 MB/s). That gives a huge performance boost. Additionally, the memory is DDR3 has lower heat dissipation (by reducing the supply voltage) and lower power consumption.

Characteristics of memory modules ( pictures are clickable)

I recommend to my clients DDR3 , especially as the price of such memory is rapidly falling and is almost comparable to DDR2, but the advantage. Further, if you plan to use a 32 — bit operating system then install more than 4 GB of RAM is not necessary at all( the system simply did not see). If you plan to use 64 — bit OSes , then You , in choosing the amount of memory is limited only by the motherboard — max . 24 GB. But actually , this amount of memory , to put it mildly , unnecessary at all . Buying extra memory , You’re wasting money.

The fact that we need to minimize the number of calls of the processor, to the so-called swap file (which reduces performance), it needs a margin on the amount of physical memory. But in any case not 24 GB. On Windows XP 32 bit, this is achieved with 3 GB of RAM.

For 64 — bit system , I would be more than 6 GB is not set, and the system itself is the same, as for home use it is not necessary. But that’s a topic for another post.

Conclusions — it is possible and necessary to use a memory standard DDR 3, install RAM more than 4 GB is not advisable. Moreover, when using, for example DDR 3 1600 , in relation to DDR 2 800 , we have a double performance.

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