China with an ambitious plan to replace foreign OS his home

By | 10.12.2018

China with an ambitious plan to replace foreign to your native OS

In October, China could launch a new, native country operating system that will compete with products from giants Microsoft, Google and Apple, reports the Xinhua news Agency. Computer technology has become a zone of tension between China and the United States for a number of security issues in cyberspace.

China wants to help the national economy by replacing their code with external operating systems such as Windows from Microsoft and the mobile operating system Android from Google. «Chinese operating system first will appear on desktop devices and then will cover smartphones and other mobile devices,» said No Guangyan (Ni Guangnan), head of official development Alliance OS, was created in March.

Mutual distrust between China and the United States intensified last year after Edward Snowden’s revelations.

«We hope to launch a desktop operating system in October, with the support of an online app store,» said Guangyan. «Some Chinese OS already exist, but between the technologies of China and those of developed countries there is a big difference,» he added. No Guangyan hopes that the Chinese software will replace foreign desktop operating systems within one to two years and mobile operating systems within three to five years.

In may, China banned the use of Windows 8 in government departments, thereby causing a serious blow to the business Microsoft. Also the software giant is under investigation for violating Chinese antitrust laws. In March last year China said Google has too much control over the Chinese smartphone industry via its Android mobile operating system.

No Huanyan said that the government’s ban on the use of Windows 8 is a great opportunity for Chinese technology sector, which can promote their own system.

«Creating an environment that will allow us to contend with Google, Apple and Microsoft is the key to success,» he added.

: Reuters

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