China has given Microsoft 20 days to answer the charges in its opacity

By | 10.12.2018

China has given Microsoft 20 days to answer the charges in its opacity

Chinese antitrust regulator gives the American company Microsoft 20 days to answer questions about the compatibility of its Windows operating system and office software on the background investigation of the largest software company in the world, reports Reuters.

State administration for industry and Commerce (SAIC) asks questions directly to the Vice-President of Microsoft, David Chen and gives the company time to submit their explanations, disclose the statement, which SAIC has published on its web site.

SAIC reiterated that suspects that the company is not completely transparent on issues related to software compatibility and operating system. The report said also that Microsoft should provide your answers in a 20-day period (starting today) in writing.

For its part Microsoft says it «is serious about compliance with Chinese laws and committed to answer questions and concerns of SAIC».

Microsoft is one of at least 30 foreign companies that are controlled by Chinese antitrust regulators at a time when the Chinese government is trying to impose the antitrust laws. Critics say the laws unfairly used against companies from other countries, but regulators deny the accusation.

It is expected that at the end of this month, Satya Nadella will make his first visit to China as CEO of Microsoft. However, it is not clear whether he is going to meet with representatives of the Chinese government during his visit, or try to solve problems through negotiations with one of the antitrust regulators.

Microsoft operating systems are widely used in China, making them an easy target for government intervention. For example, in may the Chinese government banned government officials from using Windows 8.

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