China advised Microsoft not to interfere in the investigation

By | 10.12.2018

China has advised Microsoft not to interfere in the investigation

Китай посоветовал Microsoft не вмешиваться в расследованиеThe Microsoft in China deepened. State administration for industry and Commerce (SAIC) has warned the company from Redmond to stay away from the investigation conducted against her, and waited for the decision on the case, Reuters reported.

Microsoft announced its intention to cooperate with the SAIC by providing the necessary documentation for the investigation, which Chinese authorities began unexpectedly for the software giant. «Microsoft promised to respect Chinese laws and cooperate in the investigation of SAIC,» said the press Secretary of the company.

A few weeks ago, the SAIC investigators raided several Microsoft offices, and seized documents and computers, which are considered evidence in a new antitrust investigation.

Microsoft may be accused of violating Chinese antitrust laws. According to some, the campaign aims to support local companies investing in the industrial sector, which is dominated by American companies, including business operating systems.

In may, the Chinese government imposed a ban on the use of Windows 8 on government computers, and without stating clear reasons. However, Microsoft has expressed its intention to work with Chinese officials to meet their demands.

The company promised that while use of banned Windows 8 in government offices, Windows 7 will remain available along with their latest operating system version. Microsoft also claims that it actively works with public authorities that products and services meet all requirements of government contracts.

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