How to clean your registry of Windows 7 and Windows XP?

By | 07.04.2016

windows registry
The Windows Registry is a database that contains proprietary information about settings and operating system settings, hardware and software. Unlike the older INI-file, the registry stores all this information centrally in a more convenient form, and with the support of indexing, which speeds up the search.

The information in the registry are entered for the most part set by the program. This can be not always justified, but it happened that programmers like to register their even small programs in the registry. But the clean registry after their program is a matter of conscience, which can not handle everything. Therefore, the Windows registry gets cluttered over time, more and more, its size increases, and the poor people are wondering what to clean the registry.

The need to clean your registry

Yes, the first question to be answered, «but whether it is cleaning the registry is necessary»? If you believe the rumors, the shoe gives a sharp increase in productivity, reduces the likelihood of exceptions ( «screen of death» as well), corrects various errors and, in general, is a godsend. Well, it should be said that the need for cleaning the registry is still there, but it will not give any of the benefits described above. You simply will shape its roster: completely remove traces of uninstalled programs for a long time, spend a defrag, correct recording errors.

How to clean the registry?

By and large, you can clean the registry manually, but believe me, it’s a thankless job, and it is better to entrust the special programs. Among them are not very honest, which together with cleansing promise more and registry optimization. Do not believe it, and pass by such statements. We consider CCleaner, as it is a free program that has long been proven to be effective.


CCleaner — a cross-platform tool, so you should not have any problems «how to clean the registry of Windows 7» and «you clean Windows XP registry» — a version of the program, even under Android. Using CCleaner can not only clean the registry, but also in general to clean your computer from a variety of temporary files, which is very useful. To work with CCleaner can use the following instructions:
1. Run Ccleaner.
2. In the left menu, select «Register» (screenshot 1).

clean Windows 7 registry manually

3. Click «Search for problems (screenshot 2)» and wait until the program finds registry errors.

screenshot 2

4. After the search is complete, click «Fix» (screenshot 3).

screenshot 3

5. The program will offer to create in any case a registry backup (screenshot 4). Keep a copy, though, most likely, you do not need.

screenshot 4

6. In the next window (screenshot 5) can correct errors in turn by clicking on the button «Correct», but you can immediately fix all by clicking «Correct marked.»

screenshot 5

7. Register cleaned (screenshot 6).

screenshot 6


Summing up, I want to reiterate that we should not have high hopes for self-cleaning of the registry. It is a necessity, but not a solution to problems. Look for other causes of incorrect operation of your system.

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