Check hard drive

By | 10.12.2018

Check the hard disk

If the computer is extremely slow, it is necessary to check the hard disk for the presence of broken sectors using a free program MHDD.

Creating a boot floppy with the program MHDD:

1. Download the program MHDD.

2. Insert a blank disk in floppy drive.

3. Rotaryforum MHDD and run razarhivatory file mhdd32ver4.6floppy.exe.

4. Click :

5. Then click <Yes>:

6. Will start the process of creating a boot floppy with the program MHDD:

7. At the end of the floppy MHDD hit :

Configure BIOS to boot from the floppy drive:

1. Then restart the computer.

2. Enter BIOS setup (press or at the beginning of the startup of the computer). Read more about enter the BIOS watch the video how to enter the BIOS.

3. Look in BIOS to boot computer from floppy. The figure shows an example BIOS is configured to boot from floppy (You may differ, but the ability to have all computers equipped with a floppy drive). The main thing is to ensure that the boot order of devices was the first floppy drive:

4. Save BIOS settings and restart the computer.

Check hard drive:

Warning: If You have a hard disk with IDE interface, then it needs to be in the master position. If he will stand in the position of the slave, the program MHDD is not detecting hard disk. To put the hard drive in the master position, you need to set the jumper on the hard drive. Hard disk on the master, but if there’s another device on the same loop, it should be in the position of a slave:

1. After booting from the boot floppy, exit menu select hard drive interface:

Select 2if You have a hard disk with the interface IDE or SATA. If You have a hard drive interface SCSI — 1. In most cases, the two computers have hard drives IDE or SATA. Select and press .

2. Next, a menu will appear with a list of devices. Select the number under which is Your hard disk, and then press :

3. For diagnostics on broken sector, press twice key :

4. This will begin scanning for broken sector of the hard disk:

5. At the end of the test will be the test report hard drive.

6. If You have values are just opposite 3ms, 10ms, 50ms and 150ms, then the hard disk does not contain bad sectors and it can be assumed that the hard disk is in order:

7. If You have a broken sector, it will appear on the screen similar to the following:

In this case, on the hard drive are broken sector. To remove them you should conduct a low-level format (ERASE).

The SMART test:

1. Follow steps 1-3 above, then after selecting the hard drive to diagnose, then press . Appears viewing SMART attributes of the hard drive:

2. Important attributes:

Reallocated Sectors Count (RAW option). This parameter indicates the number of writable sectors. Normal RAW value is zero. In this example, a value of 7 (the main thing that was no more than 50):

HDA Temperature. The normal value should be about 25 to 45 degrees. If more, then it is advisable to install an additional fan on the hard drive or near it. The option Rawshows the current temperature of the hard disk. The parameter Worst — the worst it ever was.

Ultra ATA CRC error rate (199 attribute). This attribute shows the number of errors transmitted on the IDE cable or SATA. Normal value the RAW zero. If not, then change the loop:

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